Further Interpretations of José Argüelles translating Mayan Prophesy

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    [Read first his interpretation, then please help us to interpret it...]

    As more and more of us learn to navigate the galactic median through skilled use of resonant harmonic frequencies we will emerge into the greater life. Direct psycho sensory encounters with vistas more real and vast than those hinted at by our radio telescopes will naturally dissolve those values that now bind us, by fear, to name and place.

    As we experience instead the fullness of the meaning of universal life, selflessness and compassion will draw us on.As resonant navigators, we shall encounter the great ones of our myth, and the dream time will envelope us in all its subtle richness.Techniques and insights developed by the great mystic traditions will be at the forefront of our activities, and where once we sank in dread for fear of death, we shall come to know again the continuity of being that makes the same wholeness out of each and every one of us.

    In attaining to the universal being, we cannot underestimate the power of what we now call music, song, and harmonic sound.Through collective sound dwellings of the senses radio sonic temples, the harmonics shall emerge that cause us to realize the kingdom of heaven on Earth.Understanding navigation as the function of a superior harmonic to which we are collectively attuned, we shall at the same time unlock ever-deeper levels of memory.As primary patterns of resonance, memory shall come to be known as the radial pattern that unifies all levels of being and consciousness.Through this knowledge rung as the sonorous tones of collective synchronization, the palace of universal memory will open…star fields will emerge, and the breakers of cosmic creation will wash across the consciousness of humankind.Living through our senses, we shall make conscious at last the collective dream time venerated by the aborigines.

    As we ride the pulsation waves of our neural circuits, communication will be reestablished with the other kingdoms, the mineral, the plant, the animal, and the higher orders of the electromagnetic sea. Functioning again within the context of a greater natural hierarchy, our life will merge with shamans environmental resilience with the pageantry of medieval court life, and all of this will be illumined by an intrinsic bio-luminescence at which present day electricity can only hint.Humanity will be a kingdom once again, yet in liege to the sun, and the entire Earth its single realm…

    As we are chastened and made wise by our brief encounter with the machine world and the horrors of nuclear experimentation, nobility in the new kingdom will be a universally recognized trait.The democratic value of the individual will not be lost, rather a new understanding of the individual in the galactic hierarchy will be established.The example of the “warrior-shamans” who first crossed over from history to post history will spread as the life example for all.Chronicles of lyric beauty and epic proportion will spontaneously unfold through daily collective attunement.And at the market, theatre, dance, and song will enliven the exchange of information and goods carried on by the merchants of light…

    And if it be asked how all of this shall be ruled and regulated, then let us not underestimate the role of common sense and ordinary human insight directed by a council of solar-planetary affairs…charged with monitoring the alignment of the terrestrial electromagnetic battery with the solar frequencies and pulsations for the greater harmonic resonance of the whole, the operations of this council will naturally affect all other actions and activities on the planet.
    Operating closely with the high council of solar planetary affairs will be the council of the mediarchs and the council of the geomants.The former will be charged with globally disseminating formation and education through the computer and video network.The later will be charged with the harmonic artistic interface of human and planetary fields of resonance.

    The conjoined actions of these two councils will be to bring about ever greater synchronizations of the human race. The vast patchwork of bio-regionally organized locals will send emissaries to the council of solar planetary affairs for annual conferences, solstices, and equinoxes among them.

    Following the major task of divesting the old military establishment of its “wealth” and all toxic facilities, economics…will be freely regulated.Economic arbiters or overseers, functioning closely with the council of solar-planetary affairs and the council of the mediarchs will travel from bioregion to bioregion gathering formation in order to equalize the production and distribution of global wealth.Indeed wealth will be formation distributed as information units appropriate to local bioregions.  Exchanges will be set up between representatives of different groups, effecting cultural as well as informational and economic cross pollination.Voyaging under the banner of the great solar being, the traveling economic arbiter teams will be joyously accompanied by minstrel bands, artistic groups assisting in the planetary cross breeding.

    Criminal activities, including theft, hoarding, plunder, rape and murder will be dealt with by the council on creative rehabilitation.Operating closely with the council of global health, the council on creative rehabilitation will remand all “criminals” to creative rehabilitation units overseen by geomantic ritualists who, following diagnosis, will consign the offenders to creative problem solving tasks connected to the houses of the senses.

    With the need for war abandoned and the citizens of Planet Earth awakened to a higher purpose for the campaign for the Earth, the face of global society will change rapidly over the next generation.As the year 2012 approaches, the planet will be humming and vibrating as never before. The final five year period, ad 2007-2012, will be singularly directed to the emplacement of galactic synchronization crews at all the planetary light body grid nodes.

    Utilizing harmonic information patterns that interconnect individual, planetary, and solar light bodies attuned to galactic frequencies, collective psychic-solar navigation teams and synchronization crews will help see that no one individual is left out of attunement. Education and rehabilitation teams will work in the last of the prisons and hospitals.  Bioelectric medicine teams will see to it that every last bioregional locale is brought back into alignment with the template of the planetary light body.

    Monitoring signals from the galactic federation, advanced units from the council of solar-planetary affairs will seed the last instructions to the synchronization crews.

    Then it shall be ready…the unique moment. The moment of total planetary synchronization, on the beam, will arrive—the closing out not only of the great cycle…also the interim called “homo-sapiens.”

    Amidst festive preparation, and awesome galactic-solar since psychically received, the human race, in harmony with the animal and other kingdoms and taking its rightful place in the great electromagnetic sea, will unify as a single circuit. Solar and galactic transmissions will inundate the planetary field.At last, Earth will be ready for the emergence into inner planetary civilization(s).

    Then, as if a switch were being thrown, a great voltage will race through this finally synchronized and integrated circuit called humanity…the earth itself will be illumined.A current charging both poles will race across the skies, connecting the polar auroras in a single brilliant flash…like an iridescent rainbow.This circumpolar energy uniting the planetary antipodes will be instantaneously understood as thee external projection of the unification of the collective mind of humanity.In that moment of understanding, we shall be collectively projected into an evolutionary domain that is presently inconceivable.

    And yet, we shall know…like infants in a vast new playground, we shall retain the highest and most exalted vision. Purpose will be illumined to new levels of spontaneity.Everywhere shall be heard the voices of the galactic federation: the elders, the ancestors, the great bodhisattvas and saints, the Maya returned, our deepest selves, the cosmic mirror, the raiment of space and time made one.As one voice, the announcement shall be made, heard by One ear.And now the adventure begins.
    Now some will say that I have woven a fantasy, a utopian tale that is unrealizable in such short time.I have only woven from that which the Maya left behind and which the teachings of minds’ vastness made accessible to all.According to the prophesies of Shambhala, following the conquest of the three lords of materialism by the spiritual armies released for the closing of the cycle, there will be a 500 year Golden Age.

    As we ride the final baktun fractal through this dark moment of Faustian denouement to ultimate release from our self-created bondage, let those warrior-shamans among us take heart. For it is through the open portals of the heart that the future returns in all of its radiance….

    ~ José Argüelles(1939-2011)