God Man and Purpose

  1. Rhonda Elisha profile image60
    Rhonda Elishaposted 7 years ago

    This information is for all whom desire understanding: Those who know their God (The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob forever). The Holy Spirit prophesied to this generation (God's New Covenant): Noted: In Scripture (Mark 4:22-25) Saying: “All that is now hidden will someday come to light. If you have ears, listen! And be sure to put into practice what you hear. The more you do this the more you will understand what I tell you. (To him who has shall be given; From him who has not shall be taken away even what he has.”     This is God Gift of mercy and warning to Man!

    In Understanding: The verse of scripture, “To him who has shall be given; From him who has not shall be taken away even what he has.”

    (It's meaning being): “To him who has shall be given;
    To him (representing, the Lord).
    Who has (representing, those his children, given to him by the Almighty Father).
    Shall be given (representing; The wisdom, knowledge and understanding belonging to him).
    Therefore, the Holy Spirit says: “The Lord, to those his children, given to him by the Almighty Father will receive his wisdom, knowledge and understanding and share his Kingdom of Eternal Rest.”

    (It's meaning being): From him who has not shall be taken away even what he has.
    From him (representing, the Lord).   
    Who has not (representing, those not belonging to him)
    Shall be taken away even what he has (representing; All that is given to the Lord from the Father will not be shared among those not belonging to him).

    Therefore, the Holy Spirit says: “From the Lord, those not belonging to him; all that is given to the Lord from the Father will not be shared among those not belonging to him and they will not share in his Kingdom of Eternal Rest.”

    Man will only understand the principles and attributes of God, but through the spirit (The Holy Spirit). Uniting in sincerity with the Lord through the Holy Spirit gains God wisdom and understanding of his principles. This cannot be done through the wisdom of man; for, man has of himself no wisdom and understanding; Man was created from the dust; he do not contain (God's Life Giving Spirit). As noted: In Scripture (1 Corinthians 15:40-50) “ This verse of scripture addresses the understanding of God's Life Giving Spirit; the promised spirit God will endow upon man as a gift, changing man of dust, body into super human strength; among those whom enter his New Kingdom of Rest).”  This is why Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat from the tree of  “knowledge”  For, they would have obtained God's Life Giving Spirit, thus, obtaining God's wisdom, knowledge, understanding strength, power and that of eternal existence, in-turn, contributing to the turmoil at the already present, faced against mankind. The established problem of (Satan and Babylon)! Therefore,  confirming: Man of dust must rely on the wisdom of God or that coming from Satan and the other evil ruling spirits. For it is not in man's ability to perform on his own, in terms of wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

    God loves his creation, for: As noted: In Scripture (Genesis 6:6) “God speaks of regretting to have ever created man. His heart was broken!”  God's purpose of wrath from his spoken words, stemmed from the wickedness of man. As noted: In Scripture (Genesis 6:1-2) “ The rebelling angels from heaven and the spiritual earthly guardians inter-married with the earthly woman, the children of Eve, thus, mated together and sprung forth off-spring.”  (these children having great strength and power, thus, having obtained God Life Giving Spirit). This allowing for the understanding from God words: As noted: In Scripture (Genesis 6:3) “God says: Man as evil as he is, cannot be allowed to disgrace his Spirit). “God Life Giving Spirit!” Upon the flood, this new population, their bodies, too, were destroyed but from being descendants of the rebelling angels and mighty evil one”s became as those; the spirits having 'God's Life Giving Spirit'; Those having the ability of eternal existence. The earthly descendants (man of dust) after the flood, were sentenced to hell. As noted: In Scripture (1 Peter 3:19) “Those whom had died during the flood, from God's mercy of death, were too, allowed the chance to repent (under the New Covenant) “For, the Lord after his death ministered to those whom had died in the flood.”  The rebellious saga of inter-breeding between the earthly woman and the rebellious angels and the spiritual rulers (the earth guardians), thus, continued into the new creation after the flood. These new beings were known as (The Anakim) descendants from the ancient race of giants. The (ancient race) being referred to the “rebelling angels and the former creation before Adam and Eve (the spiritual guardians).  Man of dust during that period referred to them as ancient, for they existed from the beginning of time. The following scriptures give the understanding concerning this new population  existence upon the earth. In Scripture (Numbers 13:32) “The Anakim is mentioned  here, by the spies that were sent forth by Moses to the hill country of the Negeb.” And also noted: In Scripture (2 Samuel21:18-22) “These verses  mention several giants of  the (Anakim descendants) that were killed in battle by king David and those of his troops.”  They are the breeds of two creations, one part having man's similar resemblance and the other part containing God's Life Giving Spirit; Having eternal existence, strength and power.

    Man of dust has not this power, he dies and is subjected to God's immediate punishment against him or his reward as already decreed of God. As noted: In Scripture (Isaiah 38:17-18) “A dead man can't repent.” And as also, noted: In Scripture (Yohanan/John 5:28) “The man of obedience will receive God's rest.”  This is God's present decree against man of dust. The punishment against Satan and the other evil spiritual rulers has their decree of punishment set by the time frame giving of the Almighty Father. As noted: In Scripture (Mark 13:30-32) “Only the Almighty Father knows the set time of the final destruction against Satan and the mighty evil ones. Not even the angels in heaven know.”  This is reason why man of dust must be very conscientious in his awareness of God, for his set time of punishment renders at (his) death and may reach further into eternal destruction upon the second resurrection (the one to hold the terrors) unless God allows his mercy.

    This is a spiritual war! Being soon to come before it's closure. Which is why the Lord in his mercy extended to man the privilege to come before his presence and allowing the Holy Spirit being (to man) the guide and instructor, for man, to gain God wisdom, knowledge and understanding of all that is occurring; God, thus, giving to man the sight of his words through scripture, so to armor themselves against spiritual danger. As noted: In Scripture (1 Corinthians16:13) “The Holy Spirit gives warning of keeping the eyes open against spiritual danger.”  The Holy Spirit is referencing through verse of scripture against those, Satan and the mighty evil one's, whom are lurking about, waiting for that moment for (man) entrapment. The term (The Living Scriptures) is not just a phrase, but is literal truth. God's scriptures; They are alive! The Biblical Scriptures are a powerful weapon!  Satan has used this powerful weapon to manipulate many, to destroy nations and enslave many people (literally and spiritually) creating multitudes, multitudes of ignorance; In-turn, multitudes have rebelled against the Living God. Thus, Satan agenda, his plan of reasoning: To destroy those belonging to God.
    Satan hates the Lord Yeshua. And he despises all his creation (man of dust).

    The Scriptures are God's plan of purpose being for man (Good). But Satan plan of reasoning for (Bad).

    The Lord knows of Satan and the others desire to exterminate his creation, which is why he contains this Jealous and possessive hold upon all those belonging to him, which is why God destroys those who harm them; God knows, those who harm them are those  being manipulated  by Satan and the other evil ruling spirits, as was the serpent was used to manipulate Eve, Thus, as was done of the serpent: As noted: In Scripture (Genesis 3:14) “The serpent was cursed (punished).”  Therefore, those used as servants to harm his children are punished. For, man has his own will, allowing him the choose of doing what is right or wrong; therefore, his choice made is by his own deliberate reasoning. As noted: In Scripture (Ezekiel 18:4) God says: “Each man responsible for his own sins.”  This in-turn, confirms, that man being indebted upon his own reasoning. The Lord is not vengeful! One of a vengeful nature, desires without patience to harm anyone, for any given reason that honors him satisfaction. God is loving, merciful, generous and extremely devoted, to those belonging to him. His vengeance is seen, when those, his children (His creation) are harmed, He than, being a defensive, protective (Husband, Father and Friend).

    The Lord, in his mercy and love, just has he performed in his mercy of death, shares with his children (those belonging to him) along with those his enemies (those whom blaspheme his will); The beauty of the sun, moon, stars, the air breathed, crops, water, wives, husbands, weddings, children and family; All these things which man belonging to the world, from his actions believe, being the things, that which he has made; but all being of God's reality (what belongs to God), in-turn, what he shares. God is not a man! Therefore, he reasons, not like that of man. God is the creator, therefore, capable of anything, if vengeful, God could choose to separate this gift allowed to man, giving to only those he love (as done by practice from man of the world). God do not need man; Man is in need of God. As noted: In Scripture (Exodus 32:9-14) “The Lord becomes angry with the Israelites in the desert and tells Moses he will destroy them and make only him great. But Moses, one man favored of God pleaded to God to remember his mercy. Moses did this for those that despised even him. God listened to Moses request.”  It is through the Lord's love, mercy and patience as a husband, father and friend to his creation that he waits for those as was done upon the flood for man to choose the right path's desired of his will. (One man being in favor of God, thus, allows God to remember his mercy). As noted: In Scripture (1 Kings 19:1-18) “Prophet Elijah runs from his enemies and hides in a cave, he speaks to God of their being no one left to worship him in Israel. But the Lord tells Elijah there are 7,000 others whom desire him as their God and hold firm to his truth's.”  This is the Lord's patience! Though, as noted: In Scripture (Jeremiah 6:10-11) “God in eventual grows weary of holding it in.”

    Many men are not truly aware of Satan and the other evil ruling spirits existence. Some are! There are those at the present, whom have literally played and those who presently (play) ball in Satan playground; And have dined and presently (dine) in merry with him and the spiritual rulers, those united with Satan. Though, in eventual, many have and will come personally up against his wrath. Those familiar with Satan secrets and intentions.  The man who will appear as the false prophet is one such example; for he is not a spirit, he is a man from dust, a child of Adam. (The man whom sits and wait for his appointed position). They are men whom one would never expect nor imagine to foster such acquaintances. This is not referring to witches, mediums and sorcerers; They are only the tools of Satan child's play (his disciples), they help to foster confusion, ignorance and keeping a wrap on his reality to man of dust not truly becoming aware of his reality. I'm referring to those of (some) whom have approached (or now stand) before the spiritual kingdom of Babylon itself (the presence of the Guardians). This entertainment, is not that which is shared by the (man made) silly theater attractions “the grotesque apparition lurking from the depths; No, this acquaintance is as real as one to entertain a neighbor.

    Satan keeps his true identity under close ignorance, so not to be understood by man of dust, so not to allow God's truth's to be exposed.

    Satan and the other evil ruling spirits hate the Lord Yeshua and all those of Heaven. They despise man of dust (God's creation). They use man as a puppeteer, to perform evil and than mock and laugh at him. Satan plan against man of dust is alienation. This being his reasoning for the AntiMessiah rule of authority (to begin the task of man of dust alienation). This man whom will perform against man of dust actions of devastation beyond reality! Thus, God allowed against those (left behind) whom did not desire his salvation. God's salvation, representing his help!  Satan existence among man is not in another dimension; Him and those of his household roam unrestrained throughout the earth; side by side among man. Manipulating the performances of those not spiritually protected by God. Which is why God says: As noted: In Scripture (Micah7:5) “Trust no one.”  Man must trust only God through his word from scripture!

    Those of God's disciples (servants) are those listed into his army and their task: As noted: In Scripture (Psalms 101:8) “Being to ferret out criminals and free God's people from the enemy grip.”  Therefore, they must (not) be cowards in speaking the principles of God's truth's. The man enlisted in service, in defense of their countrymen and freedom, if proved as a coward is a man punished. He is a man of no honor, a man being untrustworthy. As noted: In Scripture ( Revelations 21:7-8) “Cowards will be destroyed.”  Those whom turn from the dark evil desires of the world and began to speak God's truths is often referred to, as a traitor by former associates. But remember, how can the dark tell the light, he cannot see, for those in the light view is clear and visible.

    The desires of man sometimes meet the definition of (his creator); God, his intentions.  Though, the Lord, God ways, thoughts and intentions are that beyond the scope of man.

    As Example:
    A man owns a home, the man is generous, loving and full of mercy. A family member needs shelter and is invited to live in the home. The family member is, thus, implied of the rules to follow; The (relative) being bestowed mercy, in-turn, allows strangers to  manipulate him into disrespectful behaviors against the (generous relative). Rules having been repeatedly broken and the absence of respect toward the (generous relative), the (ungrateful relative) is evicted. Someone reply: “What will come about him!” The (generous relative)  replies:  “I love him, but he would not listen! It is his own fault”. The man of no honor (the ungrateful relative) is left behind to face the consequences. The friends united with him in strife being long gone. In-turn, the man of no honor (the ungrateful relative) may reappear in apologetic performance and the (generous relative) because of his love for one united with him (his family) shows mercy. The (the ungrateful relative) becoming a man of substance, thus, learned from his experience.

    *******Is the (generous relative) wrong from his eviction actions? No, for the home belonged to him; The rules and the standards being those formally addressed and to be understood. It was the (generous relative) his right!
    The same applies to the Lord, but of a greater spiritual understanding. The Lord express his rules of standards; His discipline, love and that of his mercy. Those whom disobey, reap the consequences. As noted: In Scripture (Psalms 101:7) God too, says: “I will not allow those who deceive and lie to stay in my house.”  Therefore, they are evicted as was Adam and Eve from the Garden! (His presence).

    As Example:
    The most wonderful experience, one beyond words of expression is a parent in the rearing of a child. That man carries a very possessive, Jealous, loving adoration of his young. Any man whom brings harm against the welfare of that child; through that intrusion, that man will reap a wrath of consequences. The parent showers all of themselves into that child (love, patience and generous loyalty and devotion). Later, the child extends this gratitude among strangers instead of the one deserved (the parent). The parent wait in patience and watch, through faith, hope and understanding, for the parent knows, each man is endowed with his own will. The strangers manipulation against the child is intended destruction; Thus, anticipated (awaited) by the parent; Thus, in-turn, occurs. That which has been treasured by the parent is stolen by enemies. The parent is heart broken beyond words of devastation;  Feeling grief being beyond repair or recovery. That parent desires Justice!
    *******The same applies to the Lord, but of a greater spiritual understanding. The Lord is loving, merciful, generous and extremely devoted, to those belonging to him. God's vengeance is seen, when those, his children (His creation) is harmed, For the Lord warns that through the intrusion of harm against his people, that man will reap a wrath of consequences. As noted: In Scripture (Psalms 105:5) “Touch not these chosen ones of mine (his people) and do not hurt my prophets.”  If, thus, done through rebellion and disobedience to his warning; The Lord God, than, displays as being the defensive, protective (Husband, Father and Friend). This is when his wrath of vengeance strikes! For, God speak of his anguish against the enemy, if those belonging to him are  harmed by them: As noted: In Scripture (Jeremiah 8:18) God says: “My grief is beyond healing; My heart is broken as I listen to the weeping of my people across the land.”

    The God of Israel, yes, is a very Jealous God! As noted: In Scripture (Joshua 24:19-27) “prophet Joshua clearly outline the importance of this understanding to those desiring too, and of those belonging to the Lord.”  Yes, the Lord is a very Jealous God, yet, being also, a very loving and devoted God toward those belonging to him. As noted: In Scripture (Exodus 34:14) “God is the God of absolute loyalty and exclusive devotion.”  God is God! The Creator! One whom created all things! Everything in the universe belongs to him; And all creation. As noted: In Scripture (Colossians 1:15-19) “The Almighty Father and the Son are united as one, and the Lord Yeshua being the creator of all that exist; for the Father desired all things to be in his Son).”

    As noted, from the Holy Spirit; God speaks forth to his servants (disciples) and his people “Don't be afraid! Remember the Lord who is great and glorious; fight for your friends, your families, and your homes!” (Nehemiah 4:14).

  2. paradigmsearch profile image89
    paradigmsearchposted 7 years ago

    To proselytizers at HP! We all thank you soooooooooo much....

  3. Disappearinghead profile image76
    Disappearingheadposted 6 years ago

    There are so many holes in your theology here but I know you would not respond to any comments I made; you never do.

    I'm not sure if you have noticed but people usually write hubs rather than fill up the forums with such long posts. To be honest I gave up reading.


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