The Meaning too: Salvation comes through the Jews!

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    Rhonda Elishaposted 6 years ago

    This information may be long in length but it is material, Inspired of the Holy Spirit, needing to be shared with many instead of hid behind a (hub).

    It is understood and without a doubt, being a principle of fact that yes, salvation comes  through the Jews. For, the sacrifice of the Messiah, he being a Jew, died to offer man the position to come before him in repentance, being pardoned of sin, receiving his salvation and also, for many the opportunity of becoming his adopted sons; Thus, promised his eternal rest. Furthermore, there also being the obedience in his Jewish disciples going forth and freely sharing God's word in mercy to those being enemies of God and in-turn, sacrificing their own lives; being as the Lord, their creator was of them upon his sacrifice of mercy. Therefore, yes, salvation comes through the Jews.

    There is another note of reference that clarifies this element of truth's, one being very obvious, yet, not recognized; Being: To know God, man (his new creation) must know of him; and to do better, man must know better! And this being brought about by studying and examining his creation (the Israelites); Which gives God's purpose of reasoning: As noted: In Scripture (Job 8:10-13) “The wisdom of the past will teach you, the experience of others will speak to you, reminding that those whom forget God have no hope.” Therefore, it is important to understand God reasoning: As noted: In Scripture (Isaiah 43:11-12) “God refers to the Jews as being his witnesses, those to give testament of his mighty power and glory through the acts of his many miracles.” Therefore, the Gentiles, those whom title themselves (Christians), by studying and examining God's creation (the Israelites) will gain them the knowledge and wisdom of God's will (the tradition of it's faith) in-turn, understanding God, becoming more personal and intimate with him, thus, gaining the principles of what brings about his wrath of reasoning, in-turn, being absent of confusion. Those united with the God of Israel what ever God says, is believed and what ever God denounce, it is not done. They are those having disagreements but follow in the same (tradition of it's faith) being of one mind, one family.

    The Jews are not absent of the Lord's principle elements of that being his will; their approach and relationship with God is extreme personal, which is why but not excused; their behavior toward the Lord Messiah ministry upon the earth, being justified by their element of defense, being the protection of the law given by God to Moses. The disciple, Paul himself being such example before the Lord spoke to him, allowing him sight and thus, changed Paul reasoning. And yes, there are still many Jews in their stubbornness and rebellion, refusing to accept the Son of God has already arrived. Many Jews are still awaiting for the prophecy of prophet Amos: As noted: In Scripture (Acts 15:15-18) The Lord prediction through the words of the prophet Amos that the Lord Yeshua “a Jew” will die to renew the broken contract from David and in turn, the New Contract, to include the Gentiles.” God has blinded them to his reality because of their treacherous and rebellious hearts against him. As noted: In Scripture (Zechariah 13:8-9) “Two-thirds of all the nation of Israel will be cut off and die, but a third will be left in the land (9) ...They will call upon my name and I will hear them; I will say, 'These are my people' and they will say, 'The Lord is our God.” For, also, as noted: In Scripture (Isaiah 27:3-6) “God speaks of his love for Israel and reviving her heritage.” This, in reference to the Jews whom receive his salvation. Take note: these are Israelites (God's vineyard) the promised children given to Abraham as are those promised from many nations. (Abraham is not a Christian; therefore, those belonging to Abraham are Israelites). Remember: Jews are not a race of people but those chosing from all peoples and tongues, belonging to the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob for all eternal, the name God says to Moses, he is to be referred to forever: As noted: In Scripture (Exodus 3:15). Therefore (God's new crop) are Israelites, confirmed: As noted: In Scripture Ezekiel 47:21-23) “Those whom receive God's salvation, entering into his promised rest will be distributed land divided among the tribes of Israel, their portion of inheritance as those adopted into God's family. Their children and themselves becoming citizens according to the tribe they will reside. (They will not be Christians but Israelites).

    The Jews are binded, having knowledge of God's will, for thousands of years. It did not begin upon the Lord sacrifice but upon the promise given of Abraham from God (personally). Many Christians do not know God, which is why there is tremendous confusion. Some being deliberate in their ignorance, finding God ways to intrude upon the evil desires and pleasures used by Satan and the evil ruling spirits that govern the world. Therefore, integrating God's will with pagan secular practice as did many of the Israelites; An example being like the actions of king Solomon. King David speaks of such behavior: As noted: In Scripture (Psalms 1:2)  “Man who tries to outwit God.”

    Satan accomplished only one thing at the Lord's sacrifice of mercy, and that was his destruction of (Great Babylon) and even that was God's will (His plan of purpose). Satan lost the battle (before) the Lord's sacrifice. The Lord's death being only confirmation of Satan defeat. Therefore, in-turn, Satan reasoned another form of manipulation against God's plan for the salvation of man. Ignorance causes strife and enhance sin. Therefore, Satan manipulated the strategy of jealously, anger and hatred between the Israelites and the Gentiles (God's new crop). Thus, causing the separation from those whom are knowing of God's truth's from those absent of God's true reality. The Gentiles, having no understanding and real knowledge of God do the best they know how with what they have. The neglect from those knowing better (the Jews) against their adopted brothers, in-turn, cause multitudes: As noted: God says: In Scripture (Hosea 4:6)  “Those not knowing God will be destroyed.”  In-turn, being Satan agenda: As noted: In Scripture (Obadiah 1:7-9)  “Death to those having no understanding.” The Christians are those as like Abraham first son Ishmael and later Esau (the Muslims); Their differences between the those of the same family (the Israelites) separate them from God plan of purpose. Though, God will prevail! Being confirmed as noted in (Ezekiel) concerning some of the Gentiles, and their established salvation, being those whom approached God as did (Ruth). And also confirmed again of the Gentiles and those of Ishmael and Esau descendants: As noted: In Scripture (Zechariah 9:7) “Everyone left will worship God and be adopted into Israel as a new clan: The Philistines of Ekron (the Muslims) will intermarry with the Jews, just as the Jebusites (the Muslims) did so long ago.”

    By the Christians allowing the Holy Spirit to instruct them of the knowledge of God through the biblical testimony of his first creation will enable the absence of confusion and bring about greater confidence in their position with God. This establishing: Therefore, yes, salvation comes through the Jews.

    Meditate on this:
    It is God's will that all are instructed by his Holy Spirit, those to desire and belonging to him: In-turn, for all to be in the same agreement. Thinking alike and understanding alike of all being of his will. Therefore, united with him as he is united with the Father and the Holy Spirit. This can only be done by becoming acquainted with him. (Personally, knowing him intimately) as like his Israelites. Not knowing better, you cannot do better! Reference the Holy Spirit understanding: As noted: In Scripture (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Understand that the scripture (reference) the entire bible not half it's section. And that also: As noted: In Scripture (Job 8:10-13) “The wisdom of the past will teach you, the experience of others will speak to you, reminding that those whom forget God have no hope.” This scripture referencing those (the Israelites) for those the (Gentiles) today.