Israel and God's new Crop

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    Israel (God's literal creation and his now Spiritual) ( new crop): The Illustrated chart allows understanding of God's truths: As noted: In Scripture (Malachi 3:6)  “God do not change!” The Holy Spirit revealing thus, confirming the importance of the Gentiles whom have been invited to join the Lord's family to review those of his first creation (their behavior) as not to plunder from their mistakes but to follow the path's of those before whom gained his favor. In-turn, to receive God's blessings instead of his curse.     
    The Literal:
    God promise to Abraham (the promise land giving to his many descendants).
    God demonstrate mighty miracles against Egypt
    God destruction of Pharaoh King of Egypt
    The Israelites freedom from Egypt
    Moses:  The Shepherd
    Aaron: The Priest
    (The Israelites no longer slaves )
    (The Israelites no longer in chains)                                       

    The Spiritual: (God new crop)  The Messiah Death Sacrifice of Mercy
    The Lord, the Messiah promise to man (As was promised to Abraham)
    The Lord demonstrate mighty miracles throughout his ministry
    The Gentiles freedom from Babylon
    The Lord: The Priest     
    The Holy Spirit: The Shepherd
    (Gentiles no longer slaves to Babylon: invited to become sons of God)
    (Gentiles no longer bond by slavery: invited to become free men  in God's home)

    The Literal:
    The Israelites in the desert. (God's Vineyard)
    God separation of those not found worthy of the Promised Land.
    The Laws giving to Moses on stone (To be practiced in the Promised Land)
    Aaron appointed as Priest to instruct and direct (what is right and wrong)
    The sacrifices used for atonement of sin. (The use of animals)
    God faithfulness to not abandon (God mighty miracles against enemies)
    The Spiritual:
    Those adopted from Babylon household (God's New Crop)
    God separation of those not found worthy of the (New Jerusalem)
    God's laws given in the minds of man (to be practiced in the land of rest)
    The Holy Spirit instruction and direction to those belonging to God (Teaching what is good and bad, being the will of God)
    The Sacrifices to atone for sins (A torrent of good works toward another)
    God faithfulness to not abandon, therefore: (God mighty miracles to be seen)

    The Literal:
    The time in the desert (40) years)
    Those not permitted into the promise land (those who feared their enemies) (and their rebellious behavior, not relying on God strength to save)
    Those of the next generation entered. (The others died in their sins, in the desert)
    Those whom exited from the desert into(The refreshment period, of (5) generations while awaiting the reign of King David (the promised land)

    The Spiritual:
    The time in the desert:  The reign of the Anti-messiah (42 months)
    Those not taken upon the Harvest/Rapture (those rebellious) (those who feared their enemies) (and their rebellious behavior, not relying on God strength to save)
    Those left behind to die in the desert. (During the reign of the Anti-messiah)
    The first resurrection (The refreshment period, of (500) years while awaiting the Lord reign of promise, the promised reign of rest (the New Jerusalem)

    The Literal:
    Before the land of promise King Saul becomes king over the Israelites (allowed by God)
    King Saul destroyed by God because of his disobedience
    King Saul children also killed (Never to succeed his throne)
    God promise to the Israelites fulfilled. (King David reign as King, trampling all enemies beneath the feet of the Israelites, in the land of promise (14) generations later, After God's spoken promise to Abraham) the 900 years later (God's new day)!

    The Spiritual:
    The Anti-Messiah rule as king over all the earth (Allowed by God)
    God destruction of the Anti-Messiah because of his rebellion
    The Anti-Messiah children also destroyed (Never to succeed his throne)
    “The Lord Yeshua the Messiah, takes the appointed throne (Appointed by the Father in heaven and reign as King and High Priest forever from:(The tribe of Judah, son of David)  (King of the Jews) After God's defeat of all his enemies (the Anti-Messiah and Satan) as spoken through his promise) the 900 + years later (God's new day)!

    Remember: God do not change! (Malachi 3:6)

    Therefore, Take account of those before, God judgment of punishment and destruction against their disobedience and rebellion, and the rewards and blessings of those whom followed in his paths. For, as noted: In Scripture (1Kings 9:9) “The people of Israel abandoned the Lord their God who brought them out of the land of Egypt; they worshiped other god's instead. That is why the Lord has brought this evil upon them.”
    ***This being the example of those today! Learn from scripture of their (the Israelites) former behaviors, using them as a guide to your salvation, so not to be left in the desert.  Listen Intently!

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