Joe Duffy Brother Raped by priest

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    Radio icon's brother tells of his childhood abuse hell

    ORDEAL: Brendan Duffy
    ORDEAL: Brendan Duffy
    BROADCASTER Joe Duffy's brother has broken his silence to reveal how he was brutally sexually abused by one of Ireland's most notorious evil and perverted priests.
    Brendan said he was just 12-years-old when he was subjected to a horrific sexual assault by evil Fr Bill Carney in Co Wicklow. The twisted cleric violently raped him when he was on an overnight school trip during his first year in secondary school.
    Sicko Carney (62), who was based in Brendan's Ballyfermot parish, is suspected of raping at least 32 children, both boys and girls.Brendan said the sick abuse had a terrible impact on his life and within months of it occurring, he had started to sniff glue.
    "When I was 12-years-old I was abused by a priest, Fr Bill Carney, I have no reservations about naming him.
    "I had skipped a class because of the results and about 20 of us went down to this place for a weekend in Wicklow.
    "He buggered me - the bastard. He had his hand over my mouth.
    "The first time I ever expressed a negative emotion he got me.
    "We were all asleep in the dormitory and I think I just asked, 'Is anyone awake?'
    "It might have been one or two o'clock, and that's when he took me outside."

    ABUSER: Fr Bill Carney
    ABUSER: Fr Bill Carney
    In the Murphy Report in 2009, Carney was described as "a serial sexual abuser of children" whose "refusal to acknowledge his paedophilia means the prognosis for a cure is bleak".
    In 1983, Carney pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent assault on underage kids in Co Wicklow but the Probation Act was applied.
    In 1992, Carney was defrocked after church authorities convicted him under canon law of child sex abuse. Brendan claimed the abuse led him down some dark paths in his life.
    "Joe says in his book that I started sniffing glue at 13, which is true, but I was basically using it as an anaesthetic. If I was in the company of older people and they started talking about 'queers', I used to get very embarrassed. I had all these emotions suppressed."
    Brendan insists he is not trying to use the abuse as an excuse for his crimes.
    "Let's be realistic, I can blame all sorts of things for my addiction but at the end of the day, I put tablets in my throat, snorted cocaine and took heroin. I am responsible for me."
    Brendan said he told Joe about the abuse when he was undergoing treatment for his addiction in the Rutland Centre."I didn't disclose what had happened to anyone until I was in treatment in the Rutland.
    "Joe heard about it during the family therapy days."
    However, Brendan said the brothers had a falling out when he saw Joe walking along Dollymount Strand with Dr Desmond Connell more than 20 years ago. Former Archbishop Connell came under fire in the Murphy Report for failing to report abuse allegations to
    the gardai.
    Brendan said: "I was calling out to Joe's house in Clontarf and I saw him walking with Desmond Connell and another guy along Dollymount Strand.
    "I said to Joe, 'Did you say anything to Desmond Connell about my abuse at the hands of Bill Carney?'.
    "But Joe hadn't said anything."
    Earlier this year, a British newspaper published details of how Carney was living close to a children's playground in Cheltenham, England. In response, Carney wrote a letter to the paper denying he was a danger to children.

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    He is a very evil man.. How horrible..