Ever had a weird dream? Of course you have!

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    jsmith0520posted 6 years ago

    Okay, I just want to share this. When I was a young boy, probably 11 my grandfather died. I was in school at the time and he had been sick with cancer for sometime. Anyway I was sitting in class concentrated on my work and I hear someone say my name. So I turn to the guy behind me and ask what he wanted. He just looked at me like I was dumb so I turned around and continued with my work. A lil bit later I heard it again, very distinctly someone saying my name. So this time I was getting annoyed at the guy sitting behind me because I thought it was him. I was the second from last person in that row so it had to be him. The way the classroom was set up it couldn't of been anyone else because none was around close enough. So I turned around to find an empty desk. I can remember feeling really empty when I seen him gone, really scared. Apparently he went to the restroom and I was so into my task at hand I never seen him leave. So I was thinking about this all day after that. I never said anything to anyone because I was scared of their reaction. After school My mother picked me up and I noticed she had been crying. She said my grandpa died this morning. The funny thing is he died at the time I was in the class I heard someone say my name. Ok a little off topic right? Back to the topic. That same night I was having a dream, I was in an old empty house. I went up a staircase to see a man laying on a stretcher with his back toward me. As I approach this man I hear my name, same way I heard it in class that day. The same time he says my name he starts to turn over, and its my grandpa. He looked really bad, like he had been dead for a while, dry dusty skin. He reaches for me again saying my name. So thats it. Let me know what you think and if you have had a really weird dream before. Sorry for being off topic at first but i felt that adding that would add to my dream experience.
    So like always, thanks for reading.
         Jeremy S.

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      NiaLeeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      You may have felt him leaving, he may have tried to reach when leaving...it is possible. I live in America and my parents in Europe. WHen my father had a heart attack and almost died, I dreamed I saw him in a church saying he had chest pain and couldn't go anymore@! I woke up,. called my mom she pretended he went out... I insisted and she told me he had chest pain and was taken by the ambulance to the hospital!!! a few weeks ago, I had the same kind of experience with my mom, I called and she was sick... I feel those things, I see or dream them. It is a matter of connection for me.