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    vector7posted 6 years ago

    This thread is here in light of a posting I placed within Claire's thread titled evil.

    People can, and possibly will clutter the thread.

    But, it is here for me to answer any decent questions asked in a decent and respectful manner.

    Please know:

    If you want an answer, it will be given only under the above given conditions.

    I don't have rules for everyone. Only for those who wish for a reply from me.

    This is my post:


    That's the whole thing Emile. You're failing to recognise exactly what you're seeing.

    We don't care what you think of us because we KNOW (lack of doubt - proven - seen just like it were physical) that it is the Truth.

    If we DIDN'T KNOW, do you think we would be making ourselves fools in the eyes of all these people? They DON'T believe, so obviously it wouldn't be to our social advantage to talk like we do, and to witness to it's Truth would it?


    If you absolutely KNEW - (don't ask me how, God works in mysterious ways - THAT IS A TRUE STATEMENT) - that Hell was REAL..

    As real as the screen in front of your face, and the keyboard and mouse you feel under your fingertips... And people were going to this place.

    Not BELIEVED...  K.N.E.W.

    Would you be more concerned with what they thought of you?

    Or more concerned with the fact that it lasts forever, and it's horrible and painful and you don't want people to suffer because MOST PEOPLE really don't enjoy watching people suffer. (Not to that extent for certain)

    Most people, DO in fact love their neighbor even if it's only a little.. We still understand love. (family, friends.. etc.. )

    People aren't always crazy. Things SOUND crazy. And that's the whole problem.

    A quick story...

    There was a boy in school, who disagreed with a group of people who were beating up on another little boy. The group of children were in number about 5. And everyday they made his life hell while the teachers were not looking.

    Now the boy who disagreed would tell the teachers, because he didn't want to see the other child suffer. And even if it cost being beat up as well, he took the chance, because the victim was too afraid to tell for fear they would do worse to him, as they threatened.

    But no matter how hard the little boy stood for the true story and witnessed for the young man being tortured, the teachers would not believe him. After all they, the teachers, never seen anything done to him. The teachers asked the 5 children whether they did such a thing, and they answered "No, why would we want to do that? He is angry because we wouldn't play with him." So the teachers told the the little boy who told the truth, "There are five of them telling us the same thing, and one of you telling us the opposite. At no time have we seen them do anything either, and they all tell us you want them in trouble."

    So, the little boy tried each day to catch them doing it, and prove to the teachers what he said was true. But the harder he tried to get the truth across, the more upset the teachers became accusing him of lying.

    The little boy did not care that the teachers became upset with him, because he had to watch the other child suffer every single day. And every day, the little boy watched helpless and went home and cried.

    Finally, his father asked what was the matter, why was he crying? The little boy told him what was happening at school and the father asked the teachers if he could sit in class with his son a day.

    The father sat in the classroom, and watched outside the window toward the playground. He noticed when the teachers became preoccupied the children began to bully, and one of them was the watcher who watched the teachers to warn the others.

    So he began to take pictures and spoke immediately with the teachers, saying "My son tried to tell you that there was someone who was suffering and being abused, why did you not believe him?"

    The teachers said "There are five children who said your little boy is making things up, because he was not allowed in their group."

    So, the father showed the pictures to the teachers, and they became ashamed because... They did not try harder to be sure that the child was not suffering. ...

    That little boy who was trying to tell the teachers is me.

    People don't tell you about Hell for self indulgence... or insanity.

    They have seen, and heard, and know.

    And because they KNOW.. They don't care what you think.

    They would rather accept being called insane, then to be ashamed and know they done nothing to help people who are going to go to a place full of pain.

    When I face God, and I will.. I can't bear the thought of Him saying..

    "You knew Daniel.. Why did you not tell them?"


    If you have a question, regarding it, I started this thread to reply within reason.


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      Emile Rposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Wow. That was a long opening statement. I would like to hear the story of your visit to hell now. If it isn't too much trouble. Thanks.

    2. Disappearinghead profile image78
      Disappearingheadposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I'm interested in how you KNOW. Have you actually seen Satan and hell with your own eyes? Have you heard Satan and hell with your own ears?

      Second hand information from someone else who claims to have seen or heard doesn't count as verifiable truth. Believing so hard with utter conviction doesn't count as verifiable truth either. Believing in one truth, such as the existence of angels say, doesn't by extension validate the belief in Satan or hell.

      With regards Satan, who's definition are you going with? Indeed he has evolved over several centuries incorporating a hoard of demons, twin horns, goat's face, a nose ring, and a sunburnt complexion along the way.

      Who's definition of hell are you using? Hell does not exist in the Hebrew scriptures. Jesus only talks about the grave and the Hinnom Valley to the south west of Jeusalem that was used as a rubbish dump? The lake of fire in revelation is not hell, it is a lake of fire, and even that isn't a literal lake of fire. If it was literal we would have to believe in literal talking eagles, literal ten headed dragons walking up the beach, and a woman literally clothed in the sun wearing an asbestos suit standing on the literal moon centuries ahead of Neil Armtrong.

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    Emile Rposted 6 years ago

    We are still waiting for more information Daniel. Did you plan on backing the  opening statement up with anything?