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The Passion Of Christ

  1. DeaneMc profile image55
    DeaneMcposted 9 years ago

    Isaiah 53:4-6

    Surely our grief's He himself bore, and our sorrows he carried, yet we ourselves esteemed Him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. But he was pierced through for our transgressions, (sins)
    he was crushed for our iniquities; the chastening for our well being fell upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed.

    (53:4-6) The passion of the servant, though men would think that God was causing the Servant to suffer for His own sins, the truth was that He suffered vicariously for theirs, pierced through. A term appropiate to crucifixion, chastening for our well-being,i,e., His punishment which obtained peace or well being for us.

    Grace: goodwill, favor, a delay granted for payment of an obligation. The love and favor of God toward man.

    Mercy: refraining from harming offenders, enemies, a disposition to forgive or be kind. The power to forgive or to be kind.

    Appropiate: to take for one's own use, often improperly, to set aside, suitable, fit proper.

    Infirmity: physical weakness or defect.

    In this day and time, God has given much grace and mercy. If we think things are bad now, just wait as the ungodly continue to remove God from everything. We haven't seen anything yet compared to what it is going to be and God warned that these times would come for lack of disobedience to Him and serving idols.

    Mercy and grace was given when Jesus was put on the cross and died. (FOR US) Now, what kind of respect to we as a nation give to  God that gave His son to save us?
    The Bible says to fear the Lord(respect) is wisdom. Where do you think we are headed from this point?
    How can we expect God to give us everything if we just disregard the things we know are right and still choose to do wrong?

  2. Nickny79 profile image69
    Nickny79posted 9 years ago

    If you want to experience the Passion, you must experience it through the lens of Bach's Johannes Passion.  This will send shivers through even iconoclast like myself:


  3. Make  Money profile image78
    Make Moneyposted 9 years ago

    The Passion of the Christ is quite dramatic, especially with Bach playing in the back ground.  Bach is not in the original is it?  See once Jesus cried out in a loud voice it shows the teardrop falling from Heaven before "the veil of the temple was rent in two from the top even to the bottom, and the earth quaked, and the rocks were rent" (Matthew 27:50-54).  Also note how Satan is thrown into the bottomless pit once Jesus dies on the Cross (Revelations chapters 9, 17 & 20).  This should say something to pre-millennialists and post-millennialists.

    1. Nickny79 profile image69
      Nickny79posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Bach's St. John's Passion makes use of the text Gospel of John in the Luther's German translation of the Latin Vulgate.  ("Jesus ging mit einen Jungen uber den bach Kedron..."). 

      The link above is to the first movement and is just a introductory hymn of praise.  The following is actually text of the Gospel interspersed with more hymns.  It is an intoxicating, transporting work.

      So no, Bach's rendition is not in the original Greek, but is at least two removes--probably more if you take into consideration the various manuscript traditions--counting the translation to Latin and then German.  There are excellent versions of Bach's work that make use of the King James' text.

      1. Make  Money profile image78
        Make Moneyposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        No Nickny79 I wasn't asking what version of the Bible that Bach's St. John's Passion uses.  I was asking whether Bach's St. John's Passion was originally used in the movie The Passion of the Christ?  I don't think it was, was it?  It definitely adds Passion.

        In fact I very rarely ask what version of the Bible is used for anything.  I continually cross reference between the King James Bible and the Catholic Douay-Rheims Bible and although there may be a different word used here and there I find the message that is trying to be told remains the same in both.  There are some small differences, particularly with the title of some books but the online King James Bible that I use also has the apocrypha (deuterocanonical) books.


  4. Nickny79 profile image69
    Nickny79posted 9 years ago

    For more on the St. John Passion, see my most recent hub.