The Beginning of the End....9/11/2001

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  1. JBSSmith profile image59
    JBSSmithposted 8 years ago

    The United States fell prey to invasion on 9-11-2001. A desert flea, by the name of Osama binLaden and his Al-Quiada operates, came on American soil. To attack the worlds greatest Super Power, and did just that. Great fear gripped this nation on that fateful day in our history.  The flea won. He's still at large. This charge over our country was the beginning of the end to a once powerful nation. The truth of the whole story is found in the Bible. Not in the prophecies of the Old Testament. But in the wording of the Apostle Paul to the Romans. Chapter 8, verses 28 through 31.
    These were given to me to understand the Spirituality of God's will to Build a Great Nation and then tear it down, piece by piece. And His will began on September 11, 2001. We will never recover from that act of terrorism, as its been called by Political groups and politicians.
               The cliche's of liberty is pride. The American pride is definitely the cause for our fall. Evil exists in anyone who is prideful. And normally that person, or that nation becomes to nothing in the end. Because God has no place in that persons life or in a country who's pride excells all the glory of God. This great nation was built on humbleness. To be humble generates great reward with God in Christ. This nation has lost that spirit, that its forefathers generated. To understand Romans Chapter 8 verses 28 through 31; is to see a very unique and divine spiritual intervention of God within this country. Whenever our forefathers fought for our freedoms. A New Testament, of unabridged worthiness began in 1604, in England. There was one man, found worthy by God, to set up a New Testament translation of the scriptures. He was a Puritan whose name was John Reynolds. He was present at the Hampton Court Conference. Also present at the conference was King James. The rule of the day, in christian terms, was Catholic. But John Reynolds was not Catholic. And He dispised the idea that the Roman Catholic Church had implemented frame of the Holy Bible, that incorporated their teachings mingled with scriptures. So He made a proclaimation to King James, asking him to consider revising the Bible. And removing the Roman Catholic Churches commentary out of it. He said that the Bibles that were in use during Edward the Sixth and Henry the Eighth's reign were corrupt. Because they contained church commentary. He wanted a new translation conformed only to Hebrew, Latin, and Greek interpretations. King James was warmly moved to this resolution. But an archbishop of the Catholic Church, who also attended that conference. Was moved against such a proclaimation. And he detested the idea. Richard Bancroft, the Archbishop of Canterbury, told the King, that if everyone's whims were met over such matters, there would be no end to retranslations of the Bible. But King James was resolved and moved to do what John Reynolds had asked. And the King appointed six companies of scholars to revise the old translations into a New Translation, which we now know as The Authorized Version of The King James Bible.
               All of this took place, and was not considered a coincidence. God was at work framing our New Land, within that old land. His hand was upon John Reynolds and King James both, to accomplish something for the Image of His Son, Jesus. All things work together for those who love the Lord and who called according to His purpose. The predestination of a New Nation was being Spiritually formed. The residual beginning, began with the forming of a New Translation of Holy Scriptures to be utilized within that New Nation.
               It took those scholars from 1604 to 1611, to complete and authorize the New Translation. Ironically, Seven years. As America was being explored, and colonies being was offically declared through our history, that the first pilgrims landed here in America, in 1620. Just nine short years after the Authorized Version of The King James Bible came into existence. God had, had a plan. Romans Chapter 8 says, " Whom God fore knew, He also predestinated, to become conformed to the Image of His Son." These were the pilgrims that landed on our shores from the beginning of our nation. They were willing to sacrifice the luxuries of a life in Great Britian and all its civilities. For a life in a land of uncultured, unexplored wilderness. Their hope was not in their own lives. But of escaping the rigors of a hopeless religious culture. For a new Spiritual freedom within Christ. The New Land gave them that hope. That their lives would change according to scripturual endurances. And be found worthy to worship God in accordance to the Image of His Only Begotton Son Jesus. This was their foundation, this was their hope. They had no other influence but that. In England and in Great Britian they were subjected to a Catholic doctrine that could not allow them to worship and Praise God the way that their spirits dictated. So they chose the hardships of the wilderness over the sophistication of City life. And endured, for the sake of that individual freedom they found among themselves. Lives were changed. The Love of God prevailed.
             Consider how long it was, from 1620 until July 4, 1776; the day Independence was signed into existence.  One Hundred and Fifty-six years lapsed. They endured, the unmerciful practice's of military rule in their colonies. Tyanny existed from the Throne and taxation was beyond any exception. As these humble pilgrims decided that it was time to free themselves of this evil. They did not attempt to do evil for evil. They sought the One Resource of their souls, making " In God We Trust " a symbol long before it was incorporated into our currency. They sought a King that could out last all kings on earth. A King whose unseen hand was about to resolve an issue in favor of His People and His Son's Image. War was about to be put into array. The  humble sons of the Living God, against a prideful British military force. A world super power. In modern termonology, no one could have ever believed that Great Britian would have lost that war. But , The Bible says, " Pride goes before a fall ". As the soldiers of Great Britian mounted upon American soil, The Holy Spirit of Christ, mounted up with angelic forces. The King of kings was about to be seen. Pride was coming through the ranks of evil, in great abundance. In the wake of senseless rebuke, these men of pride, had the wrong color on, that day. Their red uniforms displayed their arrogancy and their depicted pride. No match however for the forces of God, and the unseen angelic forces of Christ. They were smitten and driven off the land in mass force. The cry among the pilgrims that day was.." Oh Victory in Jesus our Savior ". Light was given to the humble, and darkness to the pride of evil men. This was the story then......four hundred and ninety years has lapsed. Decay has set in, evil has lifted its head in our once beautiful country. Our pride is even as that of what Great Britian was and still is. The love and sweetness that God had known among the men and women of our forefathers and mothers, is long since gone. Instead, filth has ravaged our land, insomuch, that God has lifted His Holy Hand up off of us. No help is available. We are in essence doomed. The Bible tells of a story of Israel, a land of milk and honey. A Place where God originally gave offerings and testimony of Himself and His Only Begotten Son, Jesus. In so making Israel a nation and giving them their land too. He stated, at Leviticus Chapter 25 verse 23; : The Land shall not be sold for ever; for the Land is Mine; for ye are strangers and sojourners with Me. "  This is what our nation is also faced with. The Land is NOT OURS, its God's...we are only here as strangers and people passing through. While you are living here you are only a share cropper with God. To help take care of the land and create it into a place of salvation for those who are seeking " freedom " Spiritually. Thats been the whole idea from the foundation. Our forefathers created a nation founded on principles of Christianity. Our whole predestination is resolved in Christ, whom is our salvation. If you believe otherwise, you are living in the wrong nation. As harsh and as sad as that might seem, its a fact. Our forefathers escaped a nation where they felt they did not belong because of religious occult. They sacrificed a great sacrifice in order to become what they were. Not in pride or patriotism. They shunned that idea, and gave forth into prayer and supplications, to God in Christ for all their protections and needs. As a great reward God granted them their freedoms to live and make their way through this land. Its symbolic of what Israel went through in their return from Eygpt into the Land of Cannan. When they arrived, heathens from the gentile nations had possessed their lands and God went before them to help them restore their nation. That Abraham their forefather had gained. They took out all the heathens. Because those heathens worshiped other gods and sacrificed their children in rituals to fire gods and things that God prohibited  the children of Israel to do. In America, the indians, were here and they too posed a threat to the new American way of life in Christ. So they were allowed by God to be taken out. All their totem poles, witch doctors and medicine men were disbursed. These represented evil spirits in the land. So God allowed the Americans to drive them out and restore the land to Christianity.
                  Freedom of religion was incorporated into out Constitution. This phrase..." Freedom of Religion "....constituted, good and evil. The good surmised into that phrase, gave in part, the idea that no one was being conformed to any given demanded practices...of religion. But what that phrase failed to do, was distinguish, Christianity as the only practicable religion on this soil. By announcing the termonology....freedom.....of religion. You incorporate a diseased state of your own ideas. We have since, found out, that with every foreign nation that arrives upon this soil a new practice of religion comes with it. They have brought their gods into our nation. Upon God's Land. And He has declared, there will be no other God's besides Me....!!! So its a very grave issue. That while Americans are still contending in their pride that we are a nation of patriotism and American pride. We too are defying the principles set down by God our Great Father and His Son Jesus. But no one listens to this or even considers these values. They scoff at Biblical teachings and desire their own lusts instead. These are the things that have brought great wrath upon our nation. And its not about to end. September 11, 2001 marked the beginning of that end for this nation. And while the people mark many instances as great victories for human change. That change is not to our good but instead to our evil.
                This nation as great as it might seem to many. Is not to be found any more. Its demise is in fact on the way. We as a people have all but destroyed it. Left it ravaged and torn. Deliverance is unheard of. Chronologically look at the events that have come upon us just since 9/11. Massive Hurricanes in the Gulf, major oil spills, blizzards, fires, tornados, mass murders, a new foreign gendered president, financial crisis's, earth quakes and tremors, etc. These to name a few things. Look! Osama binLaden's attack upon this soil was being done in secret. Do you think that God saw him arranging it all? Of course God seen it so did Christ. So ask yourself why wasn't it exposed before it was carried out. Can satan perform any major crisis before he receives permission from God? No he cannot. Every major catastrophic force that comes is directed by God through satan the spirit of this earth. And Osama binLaden is a Muslim, a man of Islamic faith. Something very foreign of what we are of in terms of our Christian values. But in using binLaden, God knew that would gender a very firece impact on this nation's moral understanding. Having this so-called " uncircumcised heathen " to attack us, a nurtured Christian nation. We believe we are God's chosen people in Christ Jesus. While we differ in idea's of Islam, we are no different in our desires, lusts, and betrayal of God in Christ. Because we left off following what our forefathers instilled into this great land of God's. To follow another god ourselves, the god of greed, murder, homosexuality, lusts, adultry, fornication and idolotry. Evil is abound in this land of God's. Wickedness has asserted itself in such a way. That we refused to keep God's commandments...." this land is not to be sold, it is Mine ". We've sold it to sin and satan. Wickedness prevails....peace was lost....there's no peace in our Country. The Bible says at Romans Chapter 8, we are..." to be conformed to the Image of His (Gods)  Son ". That Image, is also called The Prince of Peace. If we had Him in our lives we would know what peace really is. But since we aren't. We are like what God said at Isaiah, Chapter 57 verses 21 and 22 saying, " But the wicked are like a troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt. There is no peace, saith my God,  to the wicked ".  Now to summarize all of this I will use Romans Chapter 8 verse 31...."What can we say of these things? If God be for us who then can be against us?" Was God for us on September 11, 2001 whenever the whole world got watch the great United States of America, the worlds Super Power, get smacked by a desert flea? No God wasn't there then and He will not be there again in any of our wars and skirmishes. We will lose and continue to lose. No Peace to the Wicked. Its a true Prophecy from the terms of what the Apostle Paul originally wrote....amen.

    1. profile image0
      Brenda Durhamposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I agree with most of that.
      And it would, yes, make a good hub.
      If you're trying to say that it seems America in general is prideful and catering to evil, you're correct.   But I for one don't believe it's hopeless.  There are those of us who still fight Spiritually and politically to bring America back to its good foundation.  Funny thing has to be more an ousting of the bad influences before anything will happen, because those influences are not only from without, but from within,  and are inserting their nasty wasy into our laws.

      Biblically, there were times when God withdrew His blessing from His people, yes, but they always had a Way to return to Him, and He always blessed His people again.  I think it's the same with America.

      Amen, it is good to see someone else who's bold enough to speak Biblical truths and against idol worship and the homosexual agenda, etc.    Around here, you'll find you're a rarity, a minority, so prepare yourself accordingly.

      1. Mark Knowles profile image61
        Mark Knowlesposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        Divorce and adultery are the main problems. Breaking your word to God? Disgusting. Talk about bad influences. No wonder your country is falling apart.

    2. rhamson profile image75
      rhamsonposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      JBS Smith,

      Plain and simple for you.  The 911 attacks on America were due to failed foreign policy decisions for the last 60+ years of the US.

      Thank You.

    3. qwark profile image61
      qwarkposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I just added you to my list of those whose comments are not worthy of response.
      My list of primitive , unevolved thinkers is growing.

    4. sarmack profile image56
      sarmackposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      You have put alot of thought and research into your article here.  I appreciate your dedication.  Perhaps you could separate it into several articles and post to your hub, for greater impact and clarity.  May God Bless.

  2. DevLin profile image60
    DevLinposted 8 years ago

    For starters, that was long and my ADD wouldn't let me finish the sermon. second, saying God's hand was on King James is rather hypocritical of you guys. He was the biggest flame of the time, and you protest gays today as part of the reason the US is a decadent oasis of sin. Mkae sure you're wearing clean underwear everyday. Don't want to be taken to heaven during the rapture with skidmarks, dude.

  3. Cagsil profile image81
    Cagsilposted 8 years ago

    I would have to say that your individual perceived notion has no foundation, because there is no substance to your argument.

    Secondly, you might have been better if you actually put this into a hub. Maybe, just maybe, you might find some readers for it.

    Otherwise, Welcome to HubPages.

  4. MikeNV profile image78
    MikeNVposted 8 years ago

    I agree with Cagsil

  5. ElderYoungMan profile image74
    ElderYoungManposted 8 years ago

    Very well said.  The lineage of the Kings from after Solomon support this pattern as well.  The empires that are illustrated in the Old Testament all go from being blessed and prospering, to becoming prideful and corrupt, to falling in the end.  In our instance, our pride is used to mask the real root of our downfall...the profit motive.

    I enjoyed reading your hub and invite you to read mine.


  6. Paraglider profile image93
    Paragliderposted 8 years ago

    What did Paul have to say about Building Seven?

  7. lovemychris profile image68
    lovemychrisposted 8 years ago

    Thank you. And Benazir Bhutto told everyone that Bin Laden was killed long time ago: "Benazir Bhutto: Bin Laden was Murdered".  And CIA admitted to making phony Bin Laden tapes: "Former CIA Officials Admit To Faking Bin Laden Video"
    And it's crap that they could never "find" him. When he was on dialysis for his kidney, he was at an American Hospital: "The CIA met Bin Laden while undergoing treatment at an American Hospital last July in Dubai"

    The Bin-Ladens and the Bushs' are business partners from way back: "Osama bin Laden's Bush Family Business Connections"
    Anyone who still believes that story of 9/11 is in denial.
    I wonder if Cheney prayed when he told NORAD to stand down on that morning as the planes were headed for the towers? "Norman Mineta Confirms That Dick Cheney Ordered Stand Down on 9/11"

    You know, people are going to have to decide if we are the greatest military and technological power on earth, or a bunch of buffoons who allowed our whole system to be breached by a group of people living in caves.

  8. Bill Manning profile image71
    Bill Manningposted 8 years ago

    You don't really think anyone is going to read that whole damn post do you? Why not make a blog and write to your heart's content. You seem to need to get a lot off your chest, a blog is great for that. Just don't expect anyone else to read it. wink

  9. alternate poet profile image67
    alternate poetposted 8 years ago

    Because you, along with the moron segment of the US, buy the whole myth as fact is why Bin Laden made his attack when and how he did - to fulfill your own prophesy.  In  this respect he has clearly out-thought you.  And now you are convinced the end is coming and trying to fulfill that part of your prophesies also.


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