How useful is your belief system/religion?

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  1. maestrowhit profile image59
    maestrowhitposted 9 years ago

    There are several pushy, hard-edged, impassioned hubbers who I see going to great lengths to reinforce their belief systems in these discussion forums. Most of them are of some sort of Bible-based religion, but not all of them. These people all shout their religious jargon at the top of their fingertips - it's like a competition to see who can affect the greatest degree of righteous indignation, thereby instituting themselves as king of the Hubpages hill.

    But I keep asking myself, what is the use of these religions? And there's only one use that is obviously clear to me -

    These peoples religions are not useful to them right now; they are only useful to them in the future - after they die.

    This is funny to me. I want to ask them, "what is your life like right now?"

    Does your religion improve your relationships with your fellow man? Obviously not
    Does your religion improve your financial condition?
    Does it improve your health?
    Does it give you peace and understanding and joy? Obviously not, or you wouldn't be carrying on the way you do.

    So what good is your religion to you right now - other than to give you something to fight and bicker about?

    1. profile image0
      sandra rinckposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        Well even though I know what you are saying, I just want to say they are useful to me.  They remind me all the time of what "not" to do.  smile 

      And since I have nothing else to do, I will just answer the rest of the questions too! smile

      Boring!  Well except for my daughter who keeps me happy and a really great boyfriend that gives me something to bitch about every now and again.  smile

      But it does.You see just because they say things that are different from you or I doesn't mean they aren't trying to improve relationships with other people. 
      Think about the above comment.  They help me remember what "not" to do. smile  So they are helping me be a better person by seeing the things that I enevitably out of ignorance or just stuborness, do as well. smile


      Not in the slightest but spiritually speaking, I just deal with it better and sometimes even feel really good about myself for being able to do things with little to no help or resources.  Sure it sucks but at least I can do it. smile


      Nope, to be truthful it is more stressful but at the same time I feel better because I know it wont last forever. Hopefully not more than 101 years. I mean I still hope to live till I am 101 years old.


      You would think that spreading the love, genuine without conditions for the sake of love would bring some peace and joy. 
      I asked my boyfriend once what he thought love was and he said "when someone loves you back." 
      With that said, then let's imagine or think for a moment why a person who does her very best to spread the love and recieves not a whole lot in return is rooted in sorrow.  Or maybe for this instance we can think about whey "sorrow" of all things in in the descriptions of love. 

      to learn about people, to learn about God, to learn about love, to learn why it's good and at times, just for something to do to pass the time. tongue

    2. mohitmisra profile image60
      mohitmisraposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      If you are really able to understand your religion you will understand God is an all.All religions are teachings of enightened ones and are identical at their core.It ego and attachment that makes one think his religion is better than the other. smile end goal of all religions is enlightenment. smile

  2. maestrowhit profile image59
    maestrowhitposted 9 years ago

    Thanks for stopping in Sandra. Good answers. I'm not sure what religion you are. I always thought that you weren't of any religion - you just believe in God. That shows what little I know about you. Regardless of that, though, I wasn't really talking about you in my post. I've never seen you being nasty just for the sake of it. You've always seemed pretty sensible to me.

    It occurred to me that this thread wouldn't get much attention because it addresses the issue of people fighting and bickering to no useful end. All these people want to do is just that - fight and bicker uselessly just to trump their precious egos. So when I bring that up right at the beginning, it takes the interest away for a lot of people.

    You're not one of those, though - obviously.

    1. profile image0
      sandra rinckposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      No, your right, I do not have a religion, I just believe in God.  Though I do like to say I am a poly athiest and a subcriber to the religion of love and my newest religion if you missed on the forums somewhere.  I am an unorthodoxedgnosticpolyatheistjew.  smile  or like countrywomen ends her comments. he-he.  smile


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