The Permutations of limitation

  1. A.Villarasa profile image73
    A.Villarasaposted 5 years ago

    "Know your limitation" is an adage that folks are not always attuned  to. In almost every form of human endeavour, we see people going way beyond their natural capacity to perform. Talent is of course one of the keys to success, but experience remains the underlying principle in all of the  success stories that we all read about, or see on the flickering screen, be it the wide(movies) or the small(TV, computer).

    Success as another adage states (paraphrasing) has many nurturers, but failure is an orphan. Failure almost always happens when people do not  follow their inner voice that says: be fore you leap the great divide,  before you cross the Rubicon, before you step into the  railroad tracks, it is always a good idea to stop... look.. listen, or you will fall into the abominable abyss, drown in the raging river, or get run over by the transiting train.

    The permutations of limitation are so innumerable, that despite talent and experience, human endeavour and the success or failure that goes with it  should never  be measured by the toll (human or material)  it exacts, but on  the soul (human, non-material) it impacts.