Is God aware that we kill eachother?

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    nonto21posted 5 years ago

    Or is he oblivious, much like the fathers of today?

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      JSierraposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      That’s a great question. I believe that God is aware we kill each other as I believe that he created both good and bad. If we were all created without the need to sin, the world would be a perfect place. I once read this great book, Brave New World. It consisted of a utopia created by manmade machines. Everyone was made in tiny glass bottles where genes, chromosomes and many other things were manipulated to produce the same type of female and male each time. Towards the end of the book two adults feel as though there is something else out there and the utopia world comes crashing down around them.
      As to your second question, “Or is he obviously, much like the fathers of today?”
      That was a great analogy and a great way of bringing both unknown presences from both Gods existence and fathers of today’s society.