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Cherry Creek State Park- Colorado, Fishing, Boating, Shooting

Updated on March 28, 2012

Colorado has 42 State Parks, which attract 11 million visitors each year. These State Parks give the residents of Colorado and visitors from all over the world the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful natural resources of Colorado. Cherry Creek State Park is one of the most popular State Parks. It is located near the city of Denver and offers recreation opportunities to the residents of the Denver metro area. Cherry Creek State Park offers fishing and boating opportunities on 880 surface acres of water. The park also offers camping, model airplane flying and a shooting range. There is a reason that Cherry Creek is one of the most popular state parks. Keep reading for more about these activities.

Cherry Creek State Park

Cherry Creek State Park activities

The reservoir itself is one of the main attractions at Cherry Creek State Park. Boating, including jet skiing and water skiing are allowed on the reservoir. The common counter clockwise movement is followed to keep people moving in the same direction. There is also a swim beach for when the water warms up.

Many of the visitors enjoy fishing. Whether on a boat or from the shore Cherry Creek can give you the chance to try to catch Rainbow Trout, Walleye, Largemouth Bass, Wiper, Tiger Muskie, Bluegill, Black Crappie, Yellow Perch, Channel Catfish and Yellow Perch. Cherry Creek is one of the top Walleye fisheries near Denver. Just make sure you stay at least 60 feet from the front of the tower.

If you want to spend the night Cherry Creek has 135 camp sites. Sites are available as both full hook up or as tent only sites. These sites are open year round. If you are traveling with a large group, there are three group camp sites that can be reserved.

If you want to hit the trails, there are 12 miles of paved trails and a total of 35 miles of multi use trails. Mountain biking and horseback riding are both popular activities on the trails. While out on the trails make sure you keep an eye out for some of the popular birds seen at the park. Bald eagles, red-tailed hawk, northern harrier and ferruginous hawk are all seen at the park at various times.

On the west side of the park there is an asphalt runway for those of you that are interested in flying model airplanes. There is also a shooting range on the park property offering ranges for rifle, pistol and shooting sporting clays.

Cherry Creek State Park is one of Colorado's most popular state parks, due in large part to the close proximity to Denver, if you haven't seen the park for your self, make sure you plan a trip to camp in the park, or at least wet a line in search of some of the many species of fish.


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    • Adventure Colorad profile image

      Adventure Colorad 6 years ago from Denver,CO

      Range user, I'm sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience at the shooting range. It's probably been about a year since I was last there, but I haven't had any bad experiences with them. Hopefully your issue was an isolated one.

    • profile image

      Shooting range user 6 years ago

      The employees were exceptionally rude, told my friend that he couldn't shoot the ammo he purchased there then decided that I couldn't use my weapon when I asked them why they sold it to him. We tried to get refunds since we hadn't shot and they called the park rangers. We had to sign afidavids! They never gave a refund, the clerk went into his office and slammed the door!

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Nice work. My cousin lives out there, and loves the country, but I've never been. Thanks for sharing.

    • Adventure Colorad profile image

      Adventure Colorad 6 years ago from Denver,CO

      Thank you for the comments Rudra and kimh, sorry to hear about the ticket, but at least you got to enjoy park!

    • kimh039 profile image

      Kim Harris 6 years ago

      I got a ticket for fishing without a license at Cherry Creek Resevoir in 1980! Beautiful park though. Thanks for the pleasant stroll down memory lane, Adventure.

    • Rudra profile image

      Rudra 6 years ago

      Colorado is a great place.