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Eleven Mile State Park- Colorado

Updated on January 24, 2013

Eleven Mile State Park is one of Colorado's 42 State Parks. Colorado's State Parks provide a wide variety of opportunities to get out into the outdoors and enjoy the scenery and beauty of Colorado.  Eleven Mile State Park is located in the south park area, west of Colorado Springs and east of the Continental Divide.  Eleven Mile offers about 3,400 acres of water at an elevation of about 8,600 feet above sea level.  Eleven Mile State Park offers many activities to the outdoor enthusiast, including, boating, fishing, sailing, camping, hiking, hunting.  When the lake is iced over it is a popular place for ice fishing and even sailing across the ice.  Here, as part of my series of Hubs about the Colorado State Parks, I'll give you more information about the park and what you can do there.

Eleven Mile State Park

Water Activites

Eleven Mile is well known as a great place to go fishing. Eleven Mile has healthy numbers of Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Pike. It is also one of a select few reservoirs in Colorado that is stocked with Kokanee Salmon. The deepest parts of the lake provide great cold water habitat for the salmon, while the shallow weedy areas along parts of the shoreline are ideal for Pike. Eleven Mile is fished year round, when the reservoir freezes over in the winter ice fishing becomes a popular activity, the reservoir even has fishing tournaments on the ice.

If you are interested in boating Eleven Mile is a perfect fit. Whether you are trying to catch those salmon in deeper water, or just want to enjoy yourself on the water there are plenty of opportunities. The mountiain plains have their fair share of wind and sailing is popular on the lake, even sailing on the ice is not uncommon when the ice conditions are right.

The marina by the main boat launch offers tackle, snacks and other amenities if you forgot them, or just need to stock up.  It also offers rentals if you need to rent some tackle, or maybe you want to rent a pontoon boat to get out on the water and away from the people on the shore.  They also offer ice fishing equipment rentals if you want to try out ice fishing before you buy any specialized equipment.

Off Of the Water

If fishing and boating aren't for you, or if you just need a break for a little while you can take a hike. There are five miles of trails for hiking and biking, including a self guided nature walk and an orienteering trail. If either of those interest you, pick up a brochure at the visitor's center with more information.

The park has 349 campsites spread around nine different campgrounds. These campgrounds include some with electrical hook ups away from the water, some are right down next to the water and they offer back country sites that can either be hiked to or boated to. Whether you want to bring your RV, or want a more secluded site, Eleven Mile State Park has something to offer.

If you are interested, Eleven Mile even offers hunting for big game, small game and waterfowl. Some of the hunting is available at the park, while some big game, like Elk, are located in nearby National Forrest land. That makes the park a great place to set up your camping as a base for your hunting trip.


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