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Spinney Mountain State Park- Colorado

Updated on December 16, 2012

Colorado has 42 State Parks, which attract over 11 million visitors each year.  These parks give the residents from Colorado and visitors from all over the world a chance to get out and enjoy the Rocky Mountains.  Located in the South Park area of the State, Spinney Mountain State Park is considered one of Colorado's "Gold Metal" waters.  This is the title given to bodies of water that are managed for large fish.  Spinney Mountain State Park is just a few minutes drive from Eleven Mile State Park making it easy to visit both parks on the same trip.  Lets take a look at some of what Spinney Mountain has to offer.

Spinney Mountain State Park

Spinney Mountain State Park Activities

Spinney Mountain State Park is known primary as a Gold Metal fishing location. Colorado manages certain bodies of water for an eye towards trying to produce trophy fish. Spinney Mountain only allows artificial flies and lures, so no baits or scents are permitted. You can catch Cutthroat, Brown and Rainbow Trout as well as Northern Pike. The trout are managed by limiting both the number and quantity that can be taken. Currently most Colorado lakes do not have limits on Northern Pike. This was done to decrease the affect that Pike have on the trout population. Returning trophy sized Pike to the water is always a good idea to give another angler the opportunity to catch it.

While fishing is not allowed right at the outlet from the reservoir, there is fishing available along the river between Spinney Mountain Reservoir and Eleven Mile State Park. This section of river is often known as the "Dream Stream" because of the large number of big fish caught here. Just remember to be mindful of private property along some stretches of the river.

The reservoir offers 2,500 surface acres of water for boating and fishing. Whether you want to get out on the water to just enjoy the view or catch fish there are two boat ramps available as long as conditions cooperate. The winds in the south park area can get pretty strong in the afternoons. Sailing can be an exciting adventure on the lake, but it could be a little too exciting if you are not used to the conditions.

There are a number of picnic sites that you can visit and enjoy when you need a break from the water. There are no camping sites at Spinney Mountain, but Eleven Mile State Park is nearby offering many excellent camp sites. If you are camped at Eleven Mile you have access to two wonderful lakes just a few minutes apart.

If you haven't been to Spinney Mountain make sure take a trip to see and catch some fish. It is right next to Eleven Mile State Park and you can easily visit both parks when you are out for one of them.


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