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Boyd Lake State Park- Colorado

Updated on January 23, 2013

Colorado is the home to 42 state parks, which attract more than 11 million visitors each year.  Colorado is know for its beautiful mountain views and elevations.  These parks are located through out the state and include parks in the lower elevation plains of eastern Colorado and parks located deep within the Rocky Mountains.  Several of the most popular parks are located along the front range area.  This is the name given to where the east side of the Rocky Mountains meets the plains.  There are several large cities along the front range including Fort Collins, Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo.  The large populations along this stretch are part of the reason the state parks along here are so popular.  Boyd Lake State Park is located right at the base of the mountains near Fort Collins.

Boyd Lake State Park

Boyd Lake State Park Activities

Boyd Lake State Park is a popular location for residents along the northern portion of the front range. Locate right against the edge of the mountains, Boyd Lake offers 1,700 surface acres of water for boating, fishing and skiing. There are also many trails and camping sites to enjoy at the park.

As with many of the state parks with lakes, the water activities draw a large percentage of the traffic to Boyd Lake State Park. Boating is a very popular activity. Many people choose to fish or just get out and relax in their boat, enjoying the wonderful mountain scenery. For those fo you that want a little more excitement, water skiing and jet skis are also permitted on the south half of the lake.

If you are out on your boat, or even from shore, fishing is always a popular activity at most lakes. Boyd Lake is no exception. Boyd Lake offers fishing for primarily Trout and Perch. Also in the lake are Walleye, Large and Smallmouth Bass and even some Crappie. If you need any tips what is biting and what they are biting on, check out the visitor's center and ask one of the friendly staff members.

Just like many of the state parks, Boyd Lake offers options for camping. There are 148 paved sites that will accommodate campers and RVs up to 40 feet in length. Many of the sites are include electric hook ups and pull through convenience. There are also showers and laundry facilities available.

If you want other land based activities, Boyd Lake offers trails near the lake for both hiking and biking. There are also two volleyball courts available and plenty of picnic tables for lunch.

If you haven't ever been to Boyd Lake State Park make sure you consider it the next time you are looking for a place to boat, fish or camp in northern Colorado.


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