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Fishing Tips And Tricks-Part 6-Lures And Salmon Eggs

Updated on May 7, 2011

Fishing Tips And Tricks-Speed Of Lures

In almost all circumstances when reeling in most lures you are going to want to learn to do it slowly.  Of course you can ignore this when referring to some high speed lures like spinner baits.

In almost all cases the fish you will be going after will be under the surface of the water.  Because of this you don't want your lure bouncing along the top.

Feel free to experiment with different speeds.  Different hooks will take different speeds to keep them under the water.

Now I know I am going to have fly fishermen and pike fishermen arguing with me and of course as in anything there is an exception to every rule but even when it comes to pike in most cases you will catch more under the surface than on the top of the water.

Fishing Tips And Tricks-Catch A Grasshopper

Have you ever used grasshoppers for bait. If you have grasshoppers in your area then be assured they will be great bait. The trick is to getting enough for your day of fishing. One disclaimer as well is to make sure grasshoppers can be used for bait in the water ways around your area.

So the idea for fishing tips and tricks is catching the grasshoppers for your bait. The biggest key is going after them in the evening when the air is cooler. It is at this time they are least active and the easiest to catch.

However that doesn't mean you cant catch them when it is hot outside.  All you will need is a potato sack.  You want to lay it on the ground and then back off in a straight line.  Once you have backed up around 20 feet start walking a circle progressively getting closer to the sack.

Eventually you will get right back to the sack and there will be many grasshoppers with their feet stuck in the sack.  Then all you need to do is scoop them up and you will have enough grasshopper bait for the entire day.

Fishing Tips And Tricks-Trout Lures

A good trout fisher person will take some time to do a bit of leg work before jumping into anything. They can read the water like you and I can read a book.

Their observations can tell them whether the trout are taking bugs off the surface or bait below the surface. Its not only what they see but what they hear as well.

If you hear a loud plop and see bubbles then that's a good indication that trout are feeding off the top and dry flies should be used at this point.

If you can only see the water bulging and the occasional dorsal fin breaking the water then this is a good indication the trout are feeding below the surface and wet flies are a good choice at this point.


Fishing Tips And Tricks-A Salmon Egg Isnt A Salmon Egg

This is one of those fishing tips and tricks that you only want to use once you have checked out the regulations in the area you are fishing in.

Lots of places these days don't allow you to use kernel corn for trout anymore because they say it actually can kill the fish because of the digestive system.  However many areas still allow it.

Instead of using salmon eggs for bait you want to dye some kernel corn red and use it instead.

The purpose of the corn versus the eggs is the corn stays on your hook much better than the salmon eggs.  I guarantee you will notice quite a difference in fish landed as compared to bites lost.

Fishing Tips And Tricks-The Best One Of All

I love fishing whether I catch anything or not and I suspect there are many other people who feel the same as me.

However lets face it. You wouldn't be reading about fishing tips and tricks if you weren't more interested in catching more fish.

At the end of the day of course we want to catch fish.

Take a look at my best fishing tips and tricks toy. Some wont bother but many cant wait to get their hands on it.


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    • Dale Mazurek profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale Mazurek 

      8 years ago from Canada

      Try it sometime my friend. I think you will enjoy the results.

    • GusTheRedneck profile image

      Gustave Kilthau 

      8 years ago from USA

      Dale - Nifty way to catch grasshoppers! :-)))


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