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Fishing Tips And Tricks-Part 4-Ponds And Lakes

Updated on May 7, 2011

Fishing Tips And Tricks-Ponds

Many people do not understand that so many ponds are hidden gold mines of fish.  They may look like nothing but you mat soon find out the pond is that hidden honey hole.

In some cases does matter but in most it doesn't.  Oh sure the size may determine how big fish grow but you are forgetting it may be already large fish finding the pond.

There is a few ways to find these ponds.  One is through back country scouting.  Second is talking to wildlife officials about getting topographical maps.  You could also book a flight to go looking for the ponds.  Lastly, you could just ask.  Many avid fisher people aren't going to give away secret destinations but you may be surprised how many actually will lead you in the right direction.

By doing a little homework and following fishing tips and tricks you may just find that pond that you continue to visit year after year.

Fishing Tips And Tricks-Fishing In New Water

Fishing in new waters like reservoirs or dugout do require you know a few things before getting started.

The first few years will be like a free for all.  Anyone will be able to catch anything that's in the water.  The thing is you may be able to catch but anything you catch will be small.  The second year you should still be catching quite a few fish and they should actually be about 50% larger at this time.

By the third year you will start to have your work cut out for you.  The fish are not only getting larger but they are also getting smarter.  Now you may have to pay attention to what others are doing to get these more mature fish to bite.

It really is time now to start using some of your fishing skills.  Time to pay attention to what the fish in this water is doing.  Start paying attention to which breeds are feeding at which times and what they are eating.

 By the time year four roles around this isn't a new body of water anymore and along with the homework you have done you will need to put some of your experience to work to make things happen.  However this doesn't mean you wont catch fish.  All it means is you may have to work a little harder for them.

Fishing Tips And Tricks-Hay

When it comes to some of these fishing tips and tricks you need to understand that you may want to check with your local fish and game division before using some of them.  Some of them aren't always legal in all places.

You want to find a bail of mulch hay.  Basically what mulch hay is, is spoiled hay.  You can find it at gardening stores or even you can get some from local farmers.

What you want to do is dump the hay somewhere in a spot in the water that is around 10 to fifteen feet.  So now I bet your wondering what this will accomplish.

Mulch hay has several different types of bugs living inside it including worms and grubs.  When the hay hits the bottom it will release several bugs into the water which in turn will attract fish.  Not only will it attract fish rather quickly but this will actually be a fairly good spot for some time to come as fish will remember it as a spot they fed and they will come back for more.

Fishing Tips And Tricks-Over Used Water

You may find an old lake that you have never fished before but it is obvious that it is very popular and heavily fished.  Things do get tougher at this point.  The lake is heavily fished and the fish are older so there fore much smarter.

Fish in these lakes will move for miles before eating if they sense something out of the ordinary.  The older fish have seen all the lures, baits and tricks and don't easily fall for them over and over.

In this case you are going to have to practice old fashioned patience.  You are going to have to try things outside of the norm.  As a fisher person you already know many of the habits of the fish in the lake so now you want to make those habits work in your favor.

Don't be scared to try new things.  Sticking to one thing and catching nothing should tell you something rather quickly.  You may actually surprise yourself by trying new things.  You may actually find the exact new technique that sends your fishing success right over the edge.

Fishing Tips And Tricks-The Biggest Secret

I know you can walk into any sporting store and see shelves and shelves of hooks, baits, lures and anything else telling you they are the best and you will catch the most if you buy and use them.

However there is a secret that cant be bought in any fishing stores. Used all over the world and even banned in some states. if it is banned you do have to know it works. I know it works.

Feel free to visit Fishing Tips And Tricks and see exactly what this secret is about and what it does.

Also feel free to visit my blog simply titled Fishing


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    • Dale Mazurek profile image

      Dale Mazurek 8 years ago from Canada

      I love fishing so much it is the one thing I told my wife that if she ever made me choose between her and fishing I would pick fishing.

      That sounds kind of bad but my wife is great and she, in 22 years has never once asked me not to go fishing but in the same breath I do a lot of other things with her as well

    • Army Infantry Mom profile image

      Army Infantry Mom 8 years ago

      To bad we didn't live in the same state,..I could use a fishin friend like you,..LOL. Gosh,..I love fishing,..LOL