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Fishing Tips And Tricks-Part 3-Wobbling And Fish Age

Updated on May 7, 2011

Fishing Tips And Tricks-Wobbling

So you want your hook to look a little more like a bait fish swimming on the bottom rather than a hook getting caught up and bouncing around just enough to get the fish swimming away fast.

There really is a simple little trick called wobbling.  All you need to do is cut the lower hook off a wobbler.  That is the lower treble hook.

What this does is keeps your hook close to the bottom swimming like a bait fish.  It keeps the other hook facing up so that it wont be snagging the bottom.

There is nothing worse than getting your hook snagged over and over while trying to have a great fishing day.  This is just one fishing tips and tricks that you will find through out this series.


Fishing Tips And Tricks-Carp Bait

There are a lot of people who really cant stand the thought of eating carp but in the same second they sure love to catch them.  Below is a great recipe for probably the best cap bait when it comes to home made.

Quarter cup of sugar, 2 cups of cornmeal, a pinch of salt, some fruit gelatin, couple cups of water and a couple cap fulls of vanilla.

First of you want to mix all the dry ingredients together and then mix in the liquids which are water and vanilla.  You want to mix everything until the gelatin is dissolved into the paste.

Then you want to cook the mixture over a low flame until it all stiffens up.  once this is done you need to form the mixture into balls.

The balls of carp bait will then be put on your hooks and you are ready to go out and get the big carp.  This is one of those fishing tips and tricks that really work well and will allow you to catch several fish in one setting.

Fishing Tips And Tricks-The Age Of Your Trophy

There are a number of things to look at when trying to determine the general age of the big fish you just caught.

1.     If the eyes are sunk in deeper than most the other fish you catch of the same species.

2.     The cheeks have formed a bowl shape due to the muscles getting too old.

3.     Discolored areas in weird shapes and patterns.

4.     The skin is getting tight and leathery because of the loss of fat tissues in the body.

5.     The head looks way to big when compared to the body.  Almost freakish looking.

6.     The stomach is actually decreasing in size.

These are not only signs of a very old fish but also a fish that wouldn't have lived much longer.  In many cases the fish is actually to ugly looking to even consider mounting even when you consider the size and age.

Fishing Tips And Tricks-Catch Them All The Time

Fisher people are always looking for an advantage over the next person. They always want their fish stories to contain more numbers and bigger fish.

There is a secret out there that will allow you to actually tell fish stories that are the truth and not exaggerated.

Its just a matter of how technical you want to get with your fishing skills.

No matter what taking a look at Fishing Tips And Tricks is a must for any fisher person who is serious about what they end up with at the end of the day.

Also feel free to check out the blog simply titled Fishing


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