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Fishing Tips And Tricks-Part 2-Care, Health And Whatever

Updated on October 23, 2009

Fishing Tips And Tricks-Skin Cancer

Being outside all the time as fisher people usually are makes all of them big candidates for skin cancer.  Exposure is always a risk and you need to either minimize or eliminate the risk.

Maybe you are wondering why I am bringing this up.  Well I want fishing tips and tricks to cover as many aspects as possible and whether we like it or not exposure to the sun is one of the biggest risk factors when it comes to skin cancer.

The nice thing is you really can minimize the chances by making sure you use sun screen.  Just because you are an outdoor type of person doest make you immune so forget trying to be the tough guy and get some sun screen on.

This is just another tip from fishing tips and tricks.


Fishing Tips And Tricks-Weather Warnings

When learning a few simple fishing tips and tricks it really doesn't hurt to know a few small points about the weather.  I'm sure many of us have been caught in a storm that we wish we could have know about,  Ya I'm sure you remember getting soaked to the bone and how much it sucked.

A small trick is that if the birds are flying low then that is a sure sign that a low pressure system could be moving in.

Another low pressure warning is smoke from your camp fire is staying close to the ground.  You want to see the smoke rising because yes that usually means the weather is going to be nice and you wont have to bail from a tent that was left to close to the shore and is suddenly filling with water.

One last tip is to watch trees that are in the cottonwood family.  If bad weather looms in your future the trees will tell you by turning their leaves over and showing you the under side.


Fishing Tips And Tricks-Netting

Oh sure you did everything right.  You presented the bait just right, you hooked the lunker and fought him all the way to the shore and dam you lost it while getting it in the net.  The net scared the hell out of the fish, it thrashed all over the place, broke your line and it was gone.

You need to use a net that the fish wont see as easy.  This means getting a net that has black netting instead of green.

If your partner that you are fishing with is doing the netting then threaten their life.  No just kidding.  Just make sure they have the net in the water before you get the fish to the shore or the side of the boat.

If possible swing the head of the fish into the net first.  Doing this will allow the fish to swim right into the net.  It also makes sense if you have the fish well played it will be easier to get it into the net.

For Gods sake do not swing your net around.  Just slide it smoothly into the water.  There is a good chance the fish will not even realize its there and swim right into it. 

Don't panic too much when it comes to netting.  Remember these are fishing tips and tricks and not gospel.  Find what works for you and stick with it.

Fishing Tips And Tricks-Care For The Fish

I would assume that most would know but I do know what assuming gets me so I will just say it is very important to get your fish on ice right after it is dead.  Then at the end of the day get the fish cleaned and the meat put on ice again.

You then need to decide if you will be eating the fish within 2 days or not.  If not you need to get it double wrapped in freezer rap and get the fish frozen to keep it as fresh as possible.

The key to having great tasting fish fish all the time is don't over package when freezing.  Freeze the fish pretty quickly.  Finally in fishing tips and tricks try and plan your meal ahead of time so you can thaw the fish slowly.  By thawing fish too quick you turn the meat into mush and not only does that make things difficult for cooking but also does a number on the taste.



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