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How to Get Better as a Basketball Center

Updated on November 18, 2012

The tallest on the basketball court, the immovable and bull strong center patrols the shaded lane to make life difficult for pesky and feisty scorers. The center is also responsible and swatting away enemy missiles as well as collaring the missed attempts of their opponents. They say that if you want to build a strong team, grabs first a strong and dominant center and a good point guard. The center guards the area where the majority of the action materializes providing sigh of relief for his team. Basketball is a game of height and when you have the ceiling your team is cinched to have an advantage on every game it will play.

One of the most dominant centers that played in NBA - Tim Duncan
One of the most dominant centers that played in NBA - Tim Duncan | Source

The weaknesses of the centers are:

  • Poor shooting and shooting percentage
  • Not good free-throw shooters
  • Not good passers
  • Not quick
  • Lousy dribblers
  • Slow during fast break

The strengths of the centers are:

  • Blocking
  • Rebounding
  • Provides height to the team
  • Intense game
  • Is strong when shooting underneath the basket
  • Can easily intimidate smaller players
  • Hustle on the center

What are the roles of basketball centers?

  • Although considered the slowest on the team, the centers compensate with their height and might on wooden court. They provide the much-needed muscle and hustle inside the paint.
  • The centers are more effective and reliable at a shorter range. The majority of their points are from follow-ups and or short stab at the basket.
  • They are responsible for blocking shots and their presence may force the attacking player to change his shots that will lead to missed shots.
  • They are also strong in grabbing both offensive and defensive rebounds and this is one of the most comfortable skills they are really good at.
  • They are the last line of defense and often sacrifice their bodies or give up fouls on the offensive player.
  • Must know how to box out to control the painted area and grab rebounds efficiently without the need to leap high and spend energy.

The desirable attributes or qualities of centers

  • Their height is a big factor on the game
  • If he has heft then this will be a big bonus
  • Must be strong and not afraid to bang his body in the paint.
  • Must have enormous patience inside
  • Must have the right timing as he knows when to make a follow up, block shots and rebound missed shots
  • Must be hardworking inside the paint in providing the hustle and intimidation his team needs

How to become a good, consistent and reliable basketball center

  • A center needs power and strength so an exercise and lift weights regularly can be very helpful.
  • Unless you are not a shooter, as much as possible do not attempt to shoot from the long range distance since most center has a low shooting percentage and your team will become weak in collaring the offensive rebound.
  • Must practice on dribbling often to minimize turnovers
  • Practice a lot on how to make a potent low post plays
  • If you are a right hander practice on how to dribble and shoot with your left hand and vice-versa. Shooting underneath the basket with a left against a right hander is safe and it is difficult to intercept or block. Ability to make a short stab with your both hands will certainly add dimension to your game. .
  • Box out well your guard so grabbing rebounds will become more effective.
  • Draw some inspiration from great centers in NBA or in your place. Emulate their fine attributes on the wooden court.

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