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How to do a Lay-Up in Basketball

Updated on November 18, 2012
American cager Maya Moore heading for an unassailable lay-up against a Frenchwoman defender.
American cager Maya Moore heading for an unassailable lay-up against a Frenchwoman defender. | Source

Points scored in a game will steer your team away from your opponents for a hard-earned win and most of these points are gained from lay-ups. One of the most basic skills in basketball that one should master, making a lay-up ensures higher shooting percentage during a breakaway or fast break.

The importance of lay-up

  • If you cannot be able to make a lay-up for sure you will become a laughing stock and it is a must for every basketball player to learn this and be expert on this. Doing some lay-ups is so important in basketball and it can be likened to earning money in real life. Most points are scored through lay-up and it is awkward to rely on your two hands when you drive in the middle.
  • A player who can make lay-ups on both hands may easily elude defenders and avoid getting blocked by bigger opponents.
  • A player who can make an electrifying lay-up will certainly get the nods of the audiences and fans.
  • A player who is adept in driving and has variety of moves while attempting lay-ups may fish some fouls on the bigger opponents.
  • Quick points are easily earned during a breakaway or fast break with a simple lay-up.
  • You will able to know a good player with the way he rips through defenders en route to a picture perfect lay-up. Great players in NBA are good finishers of the Game, Michael Jordan is well-renowned for his aerial acrobatics, Ray Allen for his smoothness while driving for a basket, Kobe Bryant is famous for his creativity on dishing out lay-ups, Lebron James has finesse while attacking the basket and the list of goes on.

How to make a lay-up in basketball

  • To do a lay-up you must hold the ball with two hands then make two steps. Prior to moving your pivot foot after two steps slowly hold the ball to your one hand and soar for a lay-up. If you are a right hander begin making two steps with your right foot and you must make a lay-up with your right hand, do the exact opposite of this if you are a left hander. You must have rhythm doing this though.
  • To master making a lay-up you should practice doing it many times per day especially if you are a beginner.
  • After you are adept with the basic lay-ups, you can master one-hand, acrobatic or dazzling lay-ups.

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Here's a video from YouTube about making a lay-up


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