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How to get better as a power forward or small forward

Updated on November 18, 2012

The forward positions in basketball which are the small forward and power forward plays crucial roles in the game. They help the center in putting up hustle and defense in the middle. They help in blocking enemy shots and rebounding missed shots.

Minnesota Timberwolves' Kevin one of the toughest forwards in the NBA today
Minnesota Timberwolves' Kevin one of the toughest forwards in the NBA today | Source

What are the roles of a power forward

  • The power forward often provides the heft and muscle to the team.
  • They help the team in guarding the painted area and piling up offensive and defensive rebounds.
  • They barrel their way inside using sheer power, athleticism and variety of offensive moves to provide his team valuable points.

What are the roles of a small forward

  • The small forward is the smallest among the three defenders in the middle and assist the center and power forward in collaring rebounds, providing tough defense and extra hustle.
  • They can be potent side and perimeter shooters that help in crushing the zone defense of their opponents.
  • They are useful in trapping since they are agile too and tough defenders.
  • They can be tapped to isolate the top players of their opponents.
  • They guard the side and the baseline.

The weaknesses of a power forward

  • Ranks second worse when it comes to agility and shooting on a team.
  • They are slow during transition game.
  • They may react slowly to trapping opponents.
  • Since they are usually well-built a power forward may tend to attack the shaded lane alone.
  • They can be aggressive and are vulnerable on having fouls (including offensive fouls).

The weaknesses of a small forward

  • Most of the time a small forward plays the supporting role and they have the tendency not to be active on scoring.

Attributes or features of power forward

  • Power forward may provide strength to the team.
  • A power forward can easily make space for himself or to his team if he can use his body well and if he box out properly.

Attributes or features of small forward

  • They are the most versatile players on the team, as they can be a streak shooter and a feisty defender.
  • They can provide support to guards during fast break plays and shooting at the side and to the forwards and center in rebounding and defending the shaded lane.
  • They are sneaky and opportunistic.

How to become a good and reliable power forward

  • Practice wide range of moves to score at will in the shaded lane. Learn how to spin so that you can power your way inside. Learn the low post play to help you exploit the middle.
  • Practice free throw shooting. The power forwards has a lot of attempts inside the painted area and there are a lot of chances that they will be fouled and sent to the free throw line.
  • Carry weights, eat well and go to the gym often to have a built which is well-suited for banging and hustling.
  • Try to increase your vertical leap too so that you can negate the height advantage of your opponent’s center.
  • Control the rebounds to give your team extra shots while limiting your opponent’s attempts. Box out well and have the right timing in grabbing those loose balls.
  • Play honest defense and be wise when to make fouls. Do not challenge a player who is good at fishing for fouls. Jumping and raising your hands whenever your opponent makes an attempt is enough already to distract him.

How to become a good and reliable small forward

  • Improve your shooting especially on the side. The court’s side is the least defended area and it is the weakest spot of your opponents. Good side shooting will exploit this weak spot very well.
  • Improve your skills in driving in the baseline.
  • Must provide a great help during full court press or trap.
  • Carry weights to gain extra gym. Exercise everyday to improve your endurance on the game.
  • A small forward must be quick during transition plays and in foiling passes of his opponents in the painted area.
  • A small forward must have court awareness and high basketball IQ.

Here you have it folks thanks a lot for the read and dropping by.

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