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How to Get Better as a Basketball Shooting Guard

Updated on April 7, 2013

The vast majority of basketball teams rely on their shooting guards for their shot making abilities whether it is driving for a basket or shooting the ball from the perimeter or beyond the three point arc. Many superstars in National Basketball Association such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and among others already steered their teams to numerous championship titles and achievements. All of these great and versatile players are shooting guards.

What are the roles of a shooting guard

  • The shooting guards are the primary sources of points for most basketball teams; they are streak shooters and are packed with repertoire of moves that can help them elude their defenders.
  • They are often given the signal to score points for the team especially in crucial stages of the game.
  • A good shooting guard is also adept in fishing for fouls against the taller players of the opposing teams.
  • They also play a vital role in full court press where they are often used to trap opposing players.
  • They are also the vital cog of their teams during fast break plays.

The desirable attributes or qualities of a shooting guard:

  • Be a team player, so there will be cohesion and chemistry on the team.
  • Must have tons of patience, for if his game is not clicking he should contribute in other way to help his team like in passing, intercepting and providing hustle on the opposing teams
  • Possess self-confidence at all times. A shooting guard must believe on his ability to provide points for his team especially during the critical stages of a game.
  • A shooting guard who is considered the alpha player must exhibit court leaderships.
  • A shooting guard should have court awareness to discern when to attack, pass, provides a help defense to his teammates and head for an interception or a steal.
  • Should have endurance to last long on the wooden court and avoid cramps and fatigue. Bear in mind that a prolific shooting guard usually has an ample playing time.
  • A shooting guard should have the heart and courage to rip through tough defenses.

How to become a good, dependable and reliable shooting guard

  • Practice variety of moves to have a lot of ways to score in the shaded lane with a neat lay up or even a thunderous dunk.
  • A shooting guard must have a lean and mean built so as to have dexterity, agility and speed. Excess fats will slow down your game. Jogging and lifting weights will certainly be of great help to shooting guards.
  • A shooting guard must allot time to practice shooting on all corners of the court. A shooting guard can be deadly and tough to defend when he has an assortment of moves while driving or has a deadly shot from the outside. Keep in mind that basketball Olympians and NBA players shoot few hundred of attempts from the perimeter, free throw line and three point shots to perfect their game. The more you shoot during practice the better you will get, since you will be familiar with the range and with your shooting form. You will also be confident with your shoots and will find it easy to get your rhythm when you have ample shooting practice.
  • Draw some inspiration from your favorite players in NBA or in your community. Watch them carefully how they play the number 2 position and emulate their moves. This will certainly improve your skills in attacking the basket.
  • Practice dribbling and how to fake your defenders. Crossover, spins, behind-the-legs and behind-the-back dribbling will surely life for you in eluding your defenders.

That's all folks thanks a lot for the read.

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