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The Olympic Greats-Mark Spitz World Records and Magnificent Seven Gold Medals

Updated on September 13, 2011

Mark Spitz Record Breaking Olympics

Spitz was a brilliant if temperamental swimmer whose career may not of started as many people would have predicted, but was destined to end on a high at the 1972 Munich Olympics with a record breaking record spree in the Olympic pool.

Born on the 10th of February 1950 in Modesto California. Many of the swimming coaches found the young Mark Spitz to be difficult and arrogant and was unpopular with most of his training colleagues.He even had the distinction of being kicked out of the famous Santa Clara Swim Club.

Spitz with seven Golds
Spitz with seven Golds

Mexico 1968

Much was expected of the high potential Mark Spitz at the Mexico Olympics that he was actually regarded a 'failure' when at 18 he won only two gold medals in the swimming relays, and a silver and bronze individually, instead of the six golds expected of him. A low point in his career maybe, but come the Munich Olympics we would find out if the young Spitz had the competitive streak to reach the dazzling heights expected of him.

Munich Magnificent Seven Golds

The first day in the pool for Spitz started with him winning the 200m butterfly in a world record (he finished last in1968) and anchored the 400-metres freestyle relay team to another world record.Next day he added the 200 metres freestyle in a world record beating his fellow countryman, and. bitter rival Steve Genter. Two days on, more world records and two more golds in the 100m butterfly and 800m freestyle relay. He was victorious in the 100m freestyle and yet another world record to achieve his sixth gold medal.His seventh gold came in the 400m relay, and yes it was a world record.

Mark Spitz ended with a record haul of seven gold medals in one Olympic games,and seven new world records, a remarkable achievement.

Spitz's last triumph came just before the seizure of the Israeli hostages, and Spitz, being jewish was taken away from the village and flown home.


The handsome 6 feet 3 inch Spitz set 27 world records in his career and equalled many others.He went on to make a fortune from endorsements after the Munich Olympics.

At the Bejing Olympics in 2008 US swimmer Michael Phelps eclipsed Spitz when he won eight gold medals and broke seven world records.


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      VENZKHVAM 6 years ago from Milk way galaxy, trying to find a more adventurous place in another galaxy with my great followers

      Dear ronaldoh,

      So another example from failure or rejections to success.which is worth mentioning in my hub

      It is indeed remarkable achievement that to with 27 world records amazing. Where is he now?.

      Is he alive now?

      Any way this hub is worth reading for all those people who wish to achieve some thing they are passionate about and face intial rejection in life.

      I have voted up and awesome.

      I am following with pleasure.