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What's The Best Age Of Starting Gymnastics/Contortion at?‏

Updated on January 5, 2015 | Source

What are the best ages to start Gymnastics at?

Not a lot of people can be able to perform such a sport type but if you think you can really make it and if you have enough persistence to that then why not give it some time and try it out?
I would basically recommend starting at the ages between 3-10 for girls and for guys 3-7 due to the fact that girls bodies can be able to flex a lot more than boys.

After 10 it would be just hard and dangerous for you to attempt to do such movements well unless you're naturally blessed and born with a flexible body.

How dangerous is it to start Gymnastics after the age of 10?

Well, between 10 and 15 you'd be going into many physical and mental changes including a steep growth for your bones, height and muscles and your bones get stronger the more you grow older between these ages so that's why it would be hard for them to flex, so be really careful to attempt to do Gymnastics between these ages or what you can do instead is to try Yoga?

Splitting on the wall ( Gymnastics and Contortion )

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Can you support my FB page by liking it? :) | Source

Tips For Beginners

1- Make warm up exercises before attempting to start Gymnastics/contortion so that your muscles would get ready to stretch and have a better performing rate.

2- Don't push yourself too much into achieving a certain movement, just make sure you practice for at least 10-20 mins daily that will surely do!

3-If you're between 8 and 10 and if you feel like you wanna start doing that at home then watch some tutorials online and have an adult guide.

4-don't get discouraged if you feel you're not being able of achieving what you want, things just don't work as fast as you imagine they would be, instead have patience and keep on practicing!

5- Try to figure out the mistakes you're doing in order to correct what's stopping you from achieving your movement.

In short, I would still recommend that you start off with official courses at some gymnastics schools then perhaps and after gaining some experience start proceeding what you love doing at home.

I hope I benefited you with the information here, if you have any related questions feel free to comment here

I have personally been so active in this but I had to stop for two years when I was about 14-15 years old because I had scary muscles growing on my arms and I almost looked like a guy with my body so I wanted to reduce these and instead I chose to keep my body flexible through only doing contortion and stretching exercises and not more - like flips and things -

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