Choose one star and one rookie to start your NBA team with

  1. tbotty1 profile image60
    tbotty1posted 4 years ago

    New to hubpages and I've been gather some ideas for new sports hubs to write. So i leave you with this questions, If you could choose one nba rookie from this year and one nba star(in their prime), such as Lebron, KD, etc to start your team with, which two players would you choose?

    For my star I would have to choose Lebron James. King James is literally unstoppable and he nearly averages a triple double a game. There isn't a guy in the league that can guard Lebron one on one. Lebron continues to improve his jump shot which is making him even more unstoppable. People question his clutch gene, but I think he is getting more and more confident taking the last shot and taking over a game as he is proving during the Heat's 26 game winning streak. Also Lebron has an all around game.

    Now for my rookie, I'm expecting a lot of people to say Damian Lillard but I'm going to surprise some people and pick Kendall Marshall from The Suns. I have been a huge fan of Marshall since he was at UNC. Clearly his stats haven't been that good this year, but as his minutes improve his stats will get a lot better, in my opinion. Get him some time in the gym over the summer and his jump shot will improve greatly. Also he is an excellent passer and I'm not looking for a guy to take a bunch of shots when I have Lebron on my team lol.

  2. Zelkiiro profile image94
    Zelkiiroposted 4 years ago

    Air Bud and Will Ferrell.

    Best basketball team ever.