"I have a 7 yr old daughter who is interested in the martial arts instead of the

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    smitty1126posted 8 years ago

    "I have a 7 yr old daughter who is interested in the martial arts instead of the tights and...

    tutu's. I'm not one of these typical PTA moms who is trying to go the "pansie way." The way the world is today, I want her to be able to kick butt against a full grown perp. I don't care about tournaments, points, yada yada yada.... I want her to be able to defend herself AS WELL AS pack a deadly punch if attacked. Could you please guide me to the BEST martial art class/method for this?" I want to sign her up ASAP.

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    carl guestposted 7 years ago

    Hello, Sorry I know this is an old post so you probably already have had plenty of response's. My opinion is at the age you daughter is, I would recoment, A form of Karate or Judo. Any thing else would be a wast of time untill she hits around 10 years of age, then maybe move her onto kick boxing, or Ju-jitsu.

    I hope This helped

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    grillrepairposted 7 years ago

    I actually came to the page to see what responses were here but there was only one talking about forms of fighting.  The weapon you are looking for is between your ears.  By the time a young lady has to punch or kick her way out of a situation she has made so many bad decisions to get there she is probably in love with the bastard.
    i have 2 girls and while i will teach them to move - and have them trained - this is a form of confidence; this is teaching the rewards of hard work and completing a task.  staying out of harms way is about respecting yourself and properly reading the signs around us.  the devil will not waste time in the home of an angel.  he gets invited to too many other homes...
    for the confidence and the ability to respect fitness both akido and jiujitsu allow for a much smaller opponent to defeat a much larger opponent but again by the time a situation gets this far it is already too late.