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Is the Super Bowl more hype than game?

  1. Wayne Brown profile image84
    Wayne Brownposted 7 years ago

    Is the Super Bowl more hype than game?

    Initially the focus was about the game.  It seems that over the years, the focus has turned to advertising, hype, and the game has become an excuse to make money. Your thoughts.....

  2. Michael Willis profile image79
    Michael Willisposted 7 years ago

    I agree with your thoughts. As big as the game itself is, the idea of the Super Bowl and events around and in it are commercial. Look at the week before with all of the media and pre-game hype.  The Super Bowl halftime and the outrageously expensive TV commercials are show stoppers.
    Everything in the media is about ratings and the money it brings.

    I would like to see more about the Football players, coaches and the team than all of the extra.

  3. Online Money 101 profile image57
    Online Money 101posted 7 years ago

    not lately - the last three games have been phenomenal

  4. Jayman5 profile image40
    Jayman5posted 7 years ago

    You are right, but that's pretty much the way it is with all major sports. It's just that the superbowl is the biggest. It seems now like it's part of the tradition of watching the game.

  5. Stan Fletcher profile image74
    Stan Fletcherposted 7 years ago

    I wish they could dial down the hoopla, but I'm afraid the genie is already out of the bottle on this one.  I usually like the AFC and NFC championship games more that the super bowl...It's all about the dollar, there's no denying that....

  6. Nickalooch profile image91
    Nickaloochposted 6 years ago

    everyone watches the super bowl but its not just for the game either. most people are more interested in the commercials and the movie trailers