The Most Subservient job in sports

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    Aliswellposted 5 years ago

    The Most Subservient job in sports

    In my opinion, a caddy in golf has to be near the top. He or she has to lug a 30 pound bag of golf clubs around 5 miles during a 18 hole round. He or she has to clean up the mess his boss makes, be it replacing divots, raking the mess his boss made in a bunker, cleaning his clubs, or taking a sweat soaked towel from the boss and putting it  back on the bag.
    The caddy takes the abuse of his boss when he either gives the wrong advice or none at all after a shot ends up way different wrong from what the boss wanted.
    And lastly, when it rains, guess who walks without an umbrella or rainsuit?

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    ctbrown7posted 5 years ago

    There is no more subservient job in sports than that of a water-boy.