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Help me, this girl is so stuck up and favoured by coaches at gymnastics?

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    Kaylee-Annposted 3 years ago

    Help me, this girl is so stuck up and favoured by coaches at gymnastics?

    Okay, so there is this girl at gymnastics named Paige. She is in the same level as me, and has good form on like everything, and things always come easily to her. And she is favoured by the coaches. Like, when she doesnt do something right, the coaches tell her, "Its okay, Paige, try again." But whenever I do something wrong, they go, "Kaylee, thats not right! Do it again right this time!". And at a medt, the coaches said we werent allowed to have Gatorade or pop, yet Paige's mom gives her some, and they let her have it! What should I do? Im about to quit because of it!

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    junksellerposted 3 years ago

    Life isn't fair is one of the truest things ever said, which is why it is said so often. There are always going to be people around you who get things they don't deserve, just as there are always going to be people around you who get less than they deserve. And, it is useful to remember that there is almost always someone around you who has things worse then you do.

    A lot of that stuff you can't control. In many cases all you can control is yourself. Don't spend too much of your life keeping score against other people, just try and measure up against yourself. Be a good person, work hard, etc.

    Also, a coach being hard on you and easy on her, isn't really doing her any favors. If no one ever corrects her, she is losing the opportunity to understand and correct her mistakes.

    One of the hardest things to do in life is to see things from a different perspective. For all you know, she might feel like the coaches like you better. Maybe she gets pop because she needs the sugar. Maybe the coaches are harder on you because they see potential or think you are tough enough to take it. Who knows, but don't just make assumptions. If you really feel it is unfair then have a conversation with your coaches or your parents. Don't just quit though. Try and work through it first.

    I'd also recommend you be less willing to call people names. Maybe she is stuck-up, maybe she isn't. Do you know her? Do you know how she feels, what she has been through? Many people on the outside are very different from their insides. Maybe she is lonely or afraid or always feels insufficient, and her way of handling it is by being 'stuck-up'. Don't be so quick to judge. Very few of us are wise enough for such things.

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      Kaylee-Annposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Yes i know her. My mom actually thinks she is favoured as well. But she always cries if she doesnt do well, and the coaches comfort her. Yet when someone else does that the coaches get mad. And she ignores me and thinks shes the best.

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    chaitanyasaivbposted 3 years ago

    It may not be a right part done by the coaches. Showing some difference in treating people may not be advisable. But, As you were about to quit, Once ask them, what makes them, took so much care of Paige. Or, they might be feeling something wrong with you. Just clear it off, having a conversation with them.

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    Besarienposted 3 years ago

    If you like gymnastics don't let anyone run you off. You should talk to your coaches about the way you feel- before or after practice when no one else is around. Be polite but let them know you feel that Paige gets special treatment and that the favoritism they show her is hurting your morale -so much so that you have entertained the idea of quitting. If you aren't allowed pop and Gatorade, she shouldn't be allowed it either. Tell them if it happens again you are bringing Gatorade and drinking it when you get thirsty no matter what they say. It is hard for you to respect coaches who have no sense of fair play.

    I realize that it is hard not to take it out on Paige, but she doesn't have any more control over the coaches' behavior than you do. Calling her stuck up just makes it sound like you are jealous of her. If you are, you have no reason to be. You are both in the same level which means you are just as good as her. Try your best to support and befriend her since she will likely be your team mate at competitions. If you cheer her on, she will do the same for you. She might just become a really good friend.

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      Kaylee-Annposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Maybe. I mean, she is one of those popular girls, and they all view themselves as better. That's what I mean by 'stuck up'. And sometimes I get mad at her because she just acts like she's the best. And my mom will talk to the coach about it.