Which Olympics had the Best Opening Ceremony?

  1. rgasperson lm profile image88
    rgasperson lmposted 19 months ago

    Which Olympics had the Best Opening Ceremony?

    The last few Olympics have been amazing with their showmanship and the creativeness of their opening ceremonies. I wonder what you think is the best show they have done over the last few decades.

  2. lions44 profile image99
    lions44posted 19 months ago

    1992 - Barcelona
    1994 - Lillehammer

    Not much of an Olympics fan, but I remember those two because I got they impression that both nations were dedicated to just showing their best and not just propagandizing about their own country.

  3. mchllhwgt profile image84
    mchllhwgtposted 19 months ago

    London 2012 but I'm biased... my history