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your view on brett farve

  1. AskAshlie3433 profile image57
    AskAshlie3433posted 7 years ago

    What do you guys think will happer? Will he play again?

    1. bogerk profile image68
      bogerkposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I think he is done for the season. Both games against Green Bay are done, the playoffs are out of reach and he is pretty banged up.

      He won't retire until the season is over, because, let's face it, he gets paid $1 Million + every week he stays in the league. But, it looks like the end of an era is approaching in the NFL.

      I am a lifetime Green Bay fan and once HUGE fan of Brett Favre, so it is a little bittersweet, but, I think as time passes he will come back to the Packers, all will be resolved and these last few years can be put behind us GB fans.

  2. I am DB Cooper profile image59
    I am DB Cooperposted 7 years ago

    He probably shouldn't. Although he had a couple great games this season, at this point it's pretty clear that he can't be consistently effective. Add to that the fact that he's averaging about 1 new injury per game and it's pretty clear he's done. His last injury was actually pretty rare, so I'm not sure how well a QB can recovery from that. He injured tissue that connects the shoulder to the breastplate, which is usually an injury that occurs when drivers crash their car and slam their chest into the steering wheel.

  3. jobister profile image60
    jobisterposted 7 years ago

    Well he is not starting, the streak is over and now he can retire. I hope he does for his own sake.

  4. Mighty Mom profile image86
    Mighty Momposted 7 years ago

    The news are declaring his reign is over.
    Personally, I think he should have stepped down gracefully last year. This feels so... messy, somehow.

  5. Hugh Williamson profile image90
    Hugh Williamsonposted 7 years ago

    I'm watching the Vikes play now and they better hope he heals fast.

    I don't believe he'll retire until no one will hire him.

  6. kingis profile image72
    kingisposted 7 years ago

    I hope he finally retires but I like to see the Bears stick it to him next Monday night.

  7. rickyrt44 profile image58
    rickyrt44posted 7 years ago

    I think we all want to see him do good but with this last injury, I have to say he needs to retire. I love the way he plays like a kid out there. You know this sport means the world to him. If he steps down, he should join some NFL broadcasters.

  8. LakeShow T profile image80
    LakeShow Tposted 7 years ago

    He's going to be done. I've seen a number of people say that they believe he is going to keep playing until nobody will take him on anymore. I don't necessarily agree with that at all. This season has been a disaster for him almost more so from an injury standpoint than an effectiveness standpoint. He's just not going to put himself through it again. It doesn't really matter though because it has come to the point where no team would pick him up. All of the contending teams obviously have good QBs already and the young and rebuilding teams are not going to do so with a beat up 41 year old QB. He wouldn't take a job with a team that wouldn't contend anyways.

    I say kudos to him for being a warrior for so long. He may have been a QB that threw a lot of games away with costly INTs, but with him as a QB his teams always had a chance to win and you could feel confident they would win week in and week out.

  9. prettydarkhorse profile image65
    prettydarkhorseposted 7 years ago

    I am a fan of Favre and he will always be one of the best QB ever, one who played with enthusiasm and gave his all to every game.

  10. tobey100 profile image58
    tobey100posted 7 years ago

    Stick a fork in 'im.  He's done.

    1. prettydarkhorse profile image65
      prettydarkhorseposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Think he will start again on Monday..

  11. tony0724 profile image60
    tony0724posted 7 years ago

    Favre is still sharp . His mind can perform but his body cannot anymore.That he has made it this far is already a miracle. I have come to the conclusion that I think Favre is scared to let go because this is the only thing he knows how to do. I used to think it was his ego. But for his own good it's time to pack it in.

  12. rotl profile image59
    rotlposted 7 years ago

    Favre needs to go home and stay home. I'm sick of the soap opera. He is such an attention whore. I have lost all respect for Favre over the last two years. Bye bye Brett.

  13. Disturbia profile image61
    Disturbiaposted 7 years ago

    I think he's stayed around way too long.  He should have gone out when he left GB and was still in his glory.  Watching the slow death of his career that he's chosen for himself now is torture.  And this has nothing to do with anything except that I have to say it... he so needs to shave. That nasty stubble he's got going on makes him look so old and grizzled.  Every time I see him I just want to toss some spare change into his helmet.

  14. Daniel Carter profile image77
    Daniel Carterposted 7 years ago

    I think he's done. He's completely worn out his welcome in football, and even his respect among his team mates is waning from what I can determine. The other team's main ambition was to take him out, and they did, and now he can be on the Injured Reserve list and collect a huge salary with benefits for doing nothing.

    He is and was and will be a spoiled brat who makes a lot of noise. It kind of ruins the fact that he is/was so able and talented. At least for me it does.

  15. Rafini profile image89
    Rafiniposted 7 years ago

    He should have retired last year, or the year before that, or the year before that, or...wait, he did!  Then, he changed his mind. hmm

    Brett Favre should have accepted the fact that he's no longer twenty-something, retired with full glory for his accomplishments, and let the newer & younger players have the field to 'try' and beat his record.  As it is, he's like the #1 record holder, right?  After this season, he'll be the laughing stock #1 record holder who didn't understand the concept of a washed up has-been before becoming one.

    (sorry, I'm SICK TO DEATH of hearing about BF!!)

  16. Me, Steve Walters profile image71
    Me, Steve Waltersposted 7 years ago

    Love the above comment....Brett Who? lol Some folks live where they got other football matters to worry about...that are more pressin'. Give the guy his kudos and ask him to politely leave stage right...not in shame...but for all he's accomplished. Then, let the younger ones come in and define the next era of the Sport...for Pete's Sake!

    1. EYEAM4ANARCHY profile image83
      EYEAM4ANARCHYposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Ain't gonna happen, for Pete or anyone else's sake. It's gonna be an ugly breakup with some post-relationship stalking.