A Story Happened on Last Weekend Day

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    wonderyan88posted 6 years ago

    Last weekend, Landen and I went to climb a mountain named small Wutong. And then a story happened when we arrived at the foot of the mountain. I would like to take my beloved iPad 2 with me which almost cost all my fortune. Only the iPad 2 case left in my backpack without iPad when I opened my backpack. Both Landen and I were shocked and thought that we might leave it at home or the worst thing was that someone stole my value on the bus. Looking at the iPad 2 case, I myself just could not remember whether I took it or not. And the good news was that my iPad stayed at home always, I just forgot to put it into my back. I have lost many Apple accessories for my Apple devices, I bought them and then lost them and then have to buy again. It was most thoughtless of me. Anyway, thank goodness. Be careful always!