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A Silk Kimono Robe - A Brief History of The Kimono Robe

Updated on March 31, 2011

If you ask anyone to explain just what a silk kimono robe is then most would say it was a type of dressing gown or perhaps garment that has a number of blooms decorating the fabric. Several may possibly realize that it comes from Japan and other people may well recognise it as a type of outfit which traditional geisha girls dress in.

These types of descriptions are actually right but there's somewhat more to the Kimono than that.

What Is A Kimono?

The phrase kimono is translated to mean “a thing to wear”. This is in reality a standard robe that was previously worn by men, women and even young children in Japan. The traditional style shows that this is a full length item of clothing. The primary structure is a T shaped style and design which has long sleeves and also detachable collars.

The kimono should fold over itself with the left part always being positioned over the right side and is kept in position by using a broad sash belt known as an Obi. The sole exception for this technique of being dressed in the kimono occurs when a person is being dressed up for burial. The right side of the kimono is then folded over the left section.

Nowadays kimonos are usually used mostly by ladies or they're used by gentlemen at a time reserved for special occasions say for example a wedding day or tea ceremonies. You continue to notice that a lot of people from the more mature generation wear a kimono on a regular basis however this isn't the norm.

How Is A Kimono Robe Constructed?

The standard kimono is produced by hand. But nowadays, most are created by means of the modern ease of sewing machines. Now there remains to be a great deal of detailed work that is required to go into every single robe. This meticulous work may make a kimono a really expensive investment.

A standard kimono is going to be produced from a bolt of material which is called a Tan. The common dimension of a tan is 14.5 inches wide and 12.5 yards in length. This entire collection of material will be used to create a single kimono. Each kimono is constructed of 4 distinct panels of fabric; 2 panels form the body of the gown and two sections are used to form the sleeves.

The modern day silk kimono robe for women has got to be a splendid choice as a present for a lady young or old. You will find a variety of designs without difficulty when you take a look online.


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