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Long Silk Kimono Robe - Buy A Hand Painted Kimono

Updated on March 31, 2011
Buy a long silk kimono robe
Buy a long silk kimono robe

Buy A Silk Kimono Robe

If you are searching for a beautiful silk kimono robe for yourself or as a gift idea then this type of robe is really a delightful illustration of what's available on the web.

It is a hand painted silk kimono that is supplied in numerous colours to match anyone’s complexion.

This kind of beautiful and stylish kimono is crafted out of 100% imported silk. With a length of approximately 52 inches, this kimono bathrobe fits all sizes between 48 to 50 inches around the hips and chest.

The kimono gown comes down to the ankles and is sold with a complementing belt and it is hand painted on the front and also the back.

Choose A Long Kimono Robe In a variety of Colors

The many different designs and colours that are for sale range from the following:

  • Plum crane pattern and design - Wine with green cranes and red flowers
  • Kiwi floral pattern and design - Olive green with blue floral print
  • Black crane pattern and design - Black with green cranes and red flowers
  • Teal crane pattern and design - Fuchsia with green cranes and white flowers

Great Reasons To Purchase A Silk Kimono Bathrobe

There are lots of different styles of kimono that one can choose to purchase. One of the great things about choosing to order from this specific provider means that you might receive the following benefits with each and every gown:

  • High quality silk
  • Silky smooth
  • Feels quite warm and comfortable despite the fact that it is made using a light-weight material
  • Remarkably hand painted pattern with excellent craftsmanship
  • Brilliant and vibrant colours that all have exquisite patterns
  • Beautiful 100 % pure silk kimono gown which exactly adjusts with the ladies' body shapes
  • Comfortable sleeves with an inner tying belt
  • Only dry clean

Buy A Hand Painted Silk kimono gown As The Perfect Present

A gorgeous hand painted silk kimono robe for women is the perfect gift idea for any lady. A kimono could make her feel wonderful and give her immense joy when using it. A silk kimono may be presented on any kind of special occasion, for example as a birthday gift, a wedding gift as well as for Christmas.


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