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Initial Necklace Information

Updated on June 7, 2013

For many women and men alike, their jewelry box is one of their favorite places. It is in the jewelry box that you find the rings, the necklaces, and the bracelets that tell the world who you are and what your style is. There are few articles of clothing or accessories that express just what kind of person you are better than your jewelry. A bracelet or necklace can say to people that you are casual and laid back, that you are fancy and elegant, or that you like to show off a bit and wear something shiny and fun.

But of all the kinds of jewelry that can express who you are, few will do the job as well as an initial necklace. Not only will the various styles of initial necklaces show off your style, you will also be saying to the world, "This is me; this is my initial". No doubt people you don’t know will come up to you and say, “I’ve been wondering what your name is. That’s such a lovely letter S around your neck!”

Imagine opening a jewelry box and finding an initial necklace inside. A personal and thoughtful gift.
Imagine opening a jewelry box and finding an initial necklace inside. A personal and thoughtful gift.

Buying an Initial Necklace

These days, there are all sorts of places to buy jewelry, including initial necklaces. The trend of initial necklaces is really hot right now, so you can buy these fashion accessories in stores all over. Many shopping malls these days have specialty booths in the hallways, many of which sell things like jewelry. No doubt that with an item as popular as initial necklaces, you can pick up one of these up at your local mall.

Of course, if you prefer to shop with your computer mouse, then there is no shortage of online stores to buy initial necklaces, either. From Juicy Couture to Sonya Renee, these online jewelry retailers offer a whole variety of this trendy necklace style.

If you like to shop upscale and are in the market for a truly elegant and beautiful initial necklace, then you might want to head to the website for Neiman Marcus. This world famous department store has several initial necklaces to choose from. There is the Sonya Renee initial necklace, for example, made from 14 karat yellow gold. This small coin shaped initial necklace speaks volumes in the department of charm. Even more opulent is the Roberto Coin diamond initial necklace also available at Neiman Marcus. This necklace features 18 karat white gold initials studded with genuine diamonds. A more lovely initial necklace would be hard to find.

For a bit hipper, not to mention less expensive, initial necklace, make a visit to your local Urban Outfitters. This extremely popular shop offers a sterling silver initial necklace that comes with both a personalized initial medallion and a separate charm, all for a very good price. Or, you may be more interested in the highly unique Typewriter Initial Pendant, also offered by Urban Outfitters. This necklace offers some retro charm and fun while showing the world a bit about who you are.

For some classic style at an affordable price, the Circle Initial Pendant necklace available at JCPenny is a really nice choice. This necklace features a script initial surrounded by diamond accents. The pendant comes on an 18 inch box chain so it is perfect for wearing with many different outfits. Of course, all 26 six letters of the alphabet are available, so that you can add that truly personal touch to your wardrobe.

Finally, for a really unique initial necklace for the armchair explorer type, the Book of Kells Initial Necklace offered by the National Geographic Society store is true pleaser. The book of Kells comes to us from the eight century, back in the early days of Irish history. The initials on this beautiful necklace are in the style of that important book, a type of script those familiar with Celtic art will recognize. The initial pendant and the chain it hangs from are made from quality sterling silver.

What all of these many styles of initial necklaces have in common is the opportunity to let their wearers express to the world something about who they are. Our names, and our initials, are such an important part of our identity. Celebrate that identity with one of these necklaces, or choose from the many others available.

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