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Buying Trinket Boxes

Updated on October 20, 2013

We all have those special little things, memories from our past, pieces of jewelry, old coins, stones or shells we found in a special place while on vacation, old stamps, things given to us by family and friends. These things are special to us because of the things they remind us of, whether special people or special times. We cherish these items and even hand them down to our relatives to keep and remind them of special memories as well. Our trinkets are like parts of our memory themselves.

And when we have collections of these various odds and ends, we like to have a nice place to keep them all. We like to have box where we can store them all together and where we can go and look at them and remember what they mean to us. It’s so nice to have trinket boxes to keep our important valuables in. And, with time, these trinket boxes can become special themselves, gifts we give to others, cherished parts of our lives. Trinket boxes are almost magical, whether for children, adults, or anyone young at heart.

Trinket Boxes are just the right size to place all your trinkets in.
Trinket Boxes are just the right size to place all your trinkets in.

Finding Trinket Boxes

If you are looking for trinket boxes, either for yourself or for some special friend or family member, you are likely wondering the best places to go to buy one. You might be wondering what types of trinket boxes are available, whether there are many kinds out there that are being sold. Once you start your shopping though, you will realize that the answer to your question is very many. There are many different kinds of trinket boxes out there that will appeal to any person, young or old.

For some people, finding a great trinket box starts with heading out to the little gift stores and antique shops found in most cities and towns. These funny and quirky places can be a true treasure trove of interesting items, including trinket boxes. Who knows what you might find on some shelf in an antique store, some rare and special trinket boxes hiding in the corner.

Of course, in this day and age, one of the best places to find both antique items and new ones too is eBay. eBay is a shoppers paradise, especially for quirky gifts like trinket boxes. With eBay, you also get the thrill of seeing if your bid on a trinket box will be the one to win, making the purchase, should you win, that much more satisfying. By entering the search term “trinket boxes” into the eBay site, you will be able to come up with a whole host of sellers.

One very interesting place to shop for these items is the website for Bumble’s Trinket Boxes. As the name tells you, this online retailer specializes in trinket boxes, especially those fashioned from exquisite pewter and brass. This shop has a whole line of trinket boxes in the shapes of animals, from hummingbirds to frogs to songbirds sitting on the branch of a flowering tree. They also have very nice trinket boxes for the Christmas season, providing you with a whole bunch of great ideas for Christmas gifts. While you are at the website, you can even find out what a “Bumble” is!

Of course, we all know what QVC is, right? It’s the home shopping network that we can find on our televisions as well as online. QVC is another good place to go if you are in search of trinket boxes. The Things Remembered Personalized Trinket Box will be something that anyone receiving it will cherish for a lifetime. A name or date can be inscribed into the lid of these trinket boxes for that extra personal touch.

Making Trinket Boxes

If you are the do it yourself or crafty type of person, you may want to design your own trinket boxes. Whether made of wood, tin, or porcelain, there are trinket boxes you can buy from craft stores that you can paint and decorate yourself. Doing so will make these trinket boxes absolutely unique. They also make great gifts for children and are something the whole family can do together. Visit your Michael’s Crafts or other hobby store to find these excellent make-your-own trinket boxes.

But whether you make your own, find one on eBay, or visit one of the specialty shops that carry them, trinket boxes make a great gift and are the perfect place to store your most precious memories. Trinket boxes really are a gateway to magical things.

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      7 years ago

      I love trinket boxes, as they are shared in my recent hub. Thanks for the tips. Appreciate it. :D Thanks for sharing this with us.:D


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