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Choosing the perfect lip colour for YOU!

Updated on December 13, 2015

Did you know?

First manmade lipsticks appeared around four to five thousand years ago in Ancient Mesopotamia. Women there used to grind precious gems and decorate lips with their dust.

Tips for picking the perfect Lip Colour

Not knowing what colour suits you is a common mistake women all over the world make when purchasing lipsticks for themselves. Most women look at the range of colours available and choose a colour that they find pretty to look at and don't bother trying it on to see if it suits them.

Step one of picking the perfect lipstick is always test them on the front of your hand where the skintone matches your face. If the shop does not have testers, simply hold up the lipstick to your face and see if it suits you.

Step two of picking the perfect lipstick is always choose a matte finish. Matte finish lipsticks are better because they are beautifully pigmented and the colour on your lips will be true to what you see in the tube. Also they're great for everyday use as they aren't glossy or sticky.

Step three of picking the perfect lipstick is follow the skin-lipstick chart (below)or go to your local beauty store like boots and sephora and ask them for advice on which lipstick shade would suit you.

The lipstick chart

The Lip Colour Guide

Complexion- Fair

Blue red, light pink and light peach are best suited to fair skintones.
•The blue red suits fair skin because they both have cool undertones and also, blue red lipstick will make your teeth appear whiter. This is the bright option for fair skin.
•The light pink is also suited to fair skin because it looks like the natural lip colour with a hint of pink.
•The light peach is the nude-ish option for fair skinned people. The shade is slightly darker than the skin tone and makes it look like you have a bare lip.

M.A.C recommendation for fair skin

•M.A.C girl about town- blue pink and poutilicious .

•M.A.C runaway hit- a matte salmon peach velvet.

Complexion- Medium/Asian

Blood red, neutral pink and peach are best suited to medium/Asian skin tones.
• The blood red has a warm undertone and brings out the warmth in your skin tone. This is the bright option for medium/asian skin and makes the skin look a little less orange.
• The neutral pink is a pretty pink that doesn't look too choccy on the skin tone; however, the white in it makes the skin tone a little more orange looking.
• The peach is the nude shade for medium/Asian skin. The shade is a slightly more peachy-pink than the skin tone and makes you look like you have a peach lip.

M.A.C recommendation for Medium/Asian skin

• M.A.C impassioned lipstick- peachy pink and superbly chic

•M.A.C shygirl lipstick- soft peach beauty

Complexion- Olive

Dark red, berry and apricot are best suited to olive skin tones.
• The Dark red has a warm undertone and brings out the warmth in olive skin tone for a bronze, sun kissed look. This is the bright option for olive skin and looks best in the evening.
• The berry has a hint of pink in it for a sweet looking, pretty lip for everyday wear. It has a neutral undertone and will give your skin a slight bronzed look, perfect for when you don't want to look too orange.
• The apricot is the nude for olive skin with a bit of bright orange incorporated into it. It will make your skin look slightly less olive and more fair and will bring out the white in your teeth. It is slightly more obvious than a classic nude lip and it draws more attention to your lips.

M.A.C recommendation for olive skin

• M.A.C dangerous retro matte- a vivid orange pop!

• M.A.C cherish- warm and muted. The perfect everyday lippy.

Complexion- Dark

Brown red, dark berry and dark apricot are best suited to dark skin.
• The brown red has a warm undertone and brings out the warmth in your skin tone. Also, it draws all attention to your lips and is great for everyday and special occasions.
• The dark berry has a neutral undertone and makes your skin look a tiny bit lighter. It has a purple undertone with a hint of pink incorporated into it. It is good for when you go out and special occasions. Also it will make your teeth look a little whiter.
• The dark apricot has a warm undertone and is the nude shade for dark skin. It has a peachy undertone and is a less bright version of the apricot. Also, it will bring out the bronze ness in your face.

M.A.C recommendation for dark skin.

• M.A.C viva glam 1 lipstick- make a statement with this classic deep red.

• M.A.C Japanese maple- soft tan brown, perfect for everyday.

Tips to apply red lipstick to every skin tone!

How to tell if you have a warm or cool undertone?

I reckon most of you are confused as to how to tell if you have a cool or warm undertone? Well, this is how you can find out...

• Have a look at the veins on the inner side of your wrist.

• Answer the following question: What colour are your veins mainly made of?

If your answer was blue, you are cool undertoned.

If your answer was green, you are warm undertoned.


What colour is your favourite lipstick?

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Lipstick facts

•Powerful and wealthy Ancient Egyptians used lipsticks regularly. It is said that Cleopatra liked red lipstick.

•First swivel up lipstick in a tube appeared in 1923.

•1998 survey of American women showed that 32% of them owned more than 20 lipsticks.

•For the long time in European Middle Ages, red lipsticks was associated with Satan worshiping.

•The average woman spends $15,000 on makeup in her lifetime—and of that amount, $1,780 goes toward lipstick.

•One of the most expensive lipsticks in the world is Guerlain’s KissKiss Gold and Diamonds Lipstick, which will set you back $62,000. While their original Kisskiss lipstick costs only $34, what you’re really paying for here is the bling. The tube is made from 110 grams of 18k gold and encrusted with 199 diamonds to really help you sparkle. Bonus: You get your pick of 15 exclusive shades, and it’s refillable (at that price, we really would expect nothing less).

•According to a study conducted by the University of Manchester, men look at women with lipstick on longer than women with bare lips. They were most entranced by red lipstick, staring at it for an average of 7.3 seconds, while their gaze lingered on women with pink lipstick for an average of 6.7 seconds. They only glanced at women with bare lips for an average of 2.2 seconds.

•We all know that swiping on some lipstick can be a huge confidence booster and mood transformer, but in England in the 1500s, people believed that lipstick actually had magical powers. Queen Elizabeth was reportedly a huge believer in the healing powers of lipstick, and was said to have had half an inch of lipstick on at the time of her death.

•During her heydey Elizabeth Taylor was so known for her siren red lipstick that, on certain movie sets, no one else was allowed to wear the colour.

•According to some reports, George Washington would occasionally wear lipstick. (If you look at paintings of him, his lips do look quite colourful…)

•In the 1920s, the New York Board of Health actually considered banning lipstick due to a concern that the product could poison a man if he kissed a woman wearing it. Though, considering that some lipsticks contain lead, maybe this worry wasn’t completely unfounded…


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