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Top M.A.C Lipsticks for every Season

Updated on December 13, 2015


Blossoming of spring
Blossoming of spring

For Spring...

! ! ! ! ! Sweet pinks and soft peaches like to match the blossoming of a new year... New beginnings mean new lipsticks! ! ! ! !

Top 10 MAC lipsticks for Spring

  1. MAC Sweet & Sour
  2. MAC Flamingo
  3. MAC Ravishing
  4. MAC See Sheer
  5. MAC Chatterbox
  6. MAC Speak Louder
  7. MAC On Hold
  8. MAC Sunny Seoul
  9. MAC Angel
  10. MAC Saint Germain

Beautiful Summer
Beautiful Summer

For Summer...

! ! ! ! !Bright colours to match your lively, jolly mood in Summer. Bright pinks, fuschias, purples and oranges! ! ! ! !

Top MAC Lipsticks for Summer

  1. MAC Girl About Town
  2. MAC So Chaud
  3. MAC Flat Out Fabulous
  4. MAC Men Love Mystery
  5. MAC Neon Orange
  6. MAC Violetta
  7. MAC Impassioned
  8. MAC Pink Pigeon
  9. MAC Candy Yum Yum
  10. MAC Lady Danger

Autumn leaves
Autumn leaves

For Autumn...

! ! ! ! ! Muted mauves, bare nudes, dark colours, maroon and burgundy to match the beautiful falling leaves of Autumn ! ! ! ! !

Top 10 MAC Lipsticks for Autumn

  1. MAC Diva
  2. MAC Hang Up
  3. MAC Dark Side
  4. MAC Cyber
  5. MAC Velvet Teddy
  6. MAC Speed Dial
  7. MAC Whirl
  8. MAC Faux
  9. MAC Brave
  10. MAC Taupe


For Winter...

! ! ! ! ! This season calls for a whole mixture of bright reds, pinks, mauves, nudes and dark colours due to it being filled with celebration, from Christmas to New Year's Day ! ! ! ! !

Too 10 MAC Lipsticks for Winter

  1. MAC Myth
  2. MAC Ruby Woo
  3. MAC Viva Glam II
  4. MAC Half 'n' Half
  5. MAC Captive
  6. MAC Amorous
  7. MAC Russian Red
  8. MAC Heroine
  9. MAC Odyssey
  10. MAC Dare You

Are you lazy?

If you don't have the energy or time to read the facts below, feel free to skip to the poll at the bottom of the page ;)

How to pick the perfect shade for you!

The Lip Colour Guide

Complexion- Fair

Blue red, light pink and light peach are best suited to fair skintones.
•The blue red suits fair skin because they both have cool undertones and also, blue red lipstick will make your teeth appear whiter. This is the bright option for fair skin.
•The light pink is also suited to fair skin because it looks like the natural lip colour with a hint of pink.
•The light peach is the nude-ish option for fair skinned people. The shade is slightly darker than the skin tone and makes it look like you have a bare lip.

M.A.C recommendation for fair skin

•M.A.C girl about town- blue pink and poutilicious .

•M.A.C runaway hit- a matte salmon peach velvet.

Complexion- Medium/Asian

Blood red, neutral pink and peach are best suited to medium/Asian skin tones.
• The blood red has a warm undertone and brings out the warmth in your skin tone. This is the bright option for medium/asian skin and makes the skin look a little less orange.
• The neutral pink is a pretty pink that doesn't look too choccy on the skin tone; however, the white in it makes the skin tone a little more orange looking.
• The peach is the nude shade for medium/Asian skin. The shade is a slightly more peachy-pink than the skin tone and makes you look like you have a peach lip.

M.A.C recommendation for Medium/Asian skin

• M.A.C impassioned lipstick- peachy pink and superbly chic

•M.A.C shygirl lipstick- soft peach beauty

Complexion- Olive

Dark red, berry and apricot are best suited to olive skin tones.
• The Dark red has a warm undertone and brings out the warmth in olive skin tone for a bronze, sun kissed look. This is the bright option for olive skin and looks best in the evening.
• The berry has a hint of pink in it for a sweet looking, pretty lip for everyday wear. It has a neutral undertone and will give your skin a slight bronzed look, perfect for when you don't want to look too orange.
• The apricot is the nude for olive skin with a bit of bright orange incorporated into it. It will make your skin look slightly less olive and more fair and will bring out the white in your teeth. It is slightly more obvious than a classic nude lip and it draws more attention to your lips.

M.A.C recommendation for olive skin

• M.A.C dangerous retro matte- a vivid orange pop!

• M.A.C cherish- warm and muted. The perfect everyday lippy.

Complexion- Dark

Brown red, dark berry and dark apricot are best suited to dark skin.
• The brown red has a warm undertone and brings out the warmth in your skin tone. Also, it draws all attention to your lips and is great for everyday and special occasions.
• The dark berry has a neutral undertone and makes your skin look a tiny bit lighter. It has a purple undertone with a hint of pink incorporated into it. It is good for when you go out and special occasions. Also it will make your teeth look a little whiter.
• The dark apricot has a warm undertone and is the nude shade for dark skin. It has a peachy undertone and is a less bright version of the apricot. Also, it will bring out the bronze ness in your face.

M.A.C recommendation for dark skin.

• M.A.C viva glam 1 lipstick- make a statement with this classic deep red.

• M.A.C Japanese maple- soft tan brown, perfect for everyday.

MAC lipstick
MAC lipstick

Here are some lipstick swatches you might fancy :)

I hope I helped a few of you make up your minds about what colour to buy for your next lipstick... Also, don't forget that if you can't afford a MAC lipstick but really like a colour, just search for a dupe on your preferred search engine. For example, 'mac diva lipstick dupe'.... Or you could just watch the video below and I hope the dupe you're looking for is in there...

Goodbye for now! :) x

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I thought I was the right person to write this hub because I own several MAC lipsticks and there are certain colours that I like to wear during summer, some I like to wear in Spring, others I like to wear in Autumn and the rest I like to wear in winter. For summer, I prefer lots of bright, lively pinks reds purples oranges and abnormal colours like blue and green so I match with the flowery theme. Also, in. Spring I like to wear light pink, lavender, nudes and rosy reds to represent the beginning if something new. For me, Winter calls for dark reds, maroons purples pinks and maybe black to contrast with the white snow stereotyped with winter. Autumn stands for muted colours, not toI bright like summer and not too dark like winter shades. Autumn is right in the middle of summer and winter therefore I think you should wear muted rosy and burgundy shades. I chose MAC as examples of shades because MAC has a very large range of colours and if you're looking for a specific shade or colour, I would say that i can guarantee 85% that MAC will have that shade. Also, check out my other hubs. The links are above. :)


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