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Fixing smashed blushers

Updated on December 13, 2015
A sad, shattered blush :*(
A sad, shattered blush :*(

Why repair your compact using this method?

Remember that moment when you dropped your favourite blusher compact on your bathroom floor and it shattered into a million tiny pieces? Do you wish you could rewind life and stop that moment from occurring? Luckily for you, this hub has the instructions to help you do just that. Throwing away makeup is equivalent to flushing your hard earned money down the drain! Don't make the mistake any more now that you've found this trusty little hub. Fixing your makeup using this method makes it as good as new. Plus, if your budget is tight, this could save you from buying a whole new compact.

We all know we've broken or dropped our pressed powders in our lives, and let's face it: we've always thought they were useless and thrown them away. By throwing our smashed blushers in the trash, not only had you thrown away something that is repairable, you had to fork out more cash to buy a replacement. However, now that you've found this hub, you have no excuse for throwing it away, plus it only requires one main ingredient: rubbing alcohol / surgical spirit. This is available all around the world at many boots pharmacies; however, you may have to ask them to order it. It is also available at superdrug* as surgical spirit And you can purchase it online too. And if you cannot get hold of any rubbing alcohol/surgical spirit, vodka should work just as well. Once you try this, you will feel guilty for throwing all those blushers away when they could have become as good as brand new. Don't waste any more money buying replacements for your broken makeup, just spend an extra £2* and save all the extra money...

So, now that we now know the facts, let's move on...

You will need:

Your smashed compact
Rubbing alcohol/Surgical Spirit
A butter knife
A plastic press and lock bag
An object about the same shape/size as the powder in your compact
A scrap of material


1. Grab your smashed compact and put the whole compact into the plastic bag, pushing it all the way to the corner.
2. With your butter knife start crushing all the big lumps until it is in a powder state.
3. Carefully take your compact out of your bag ensuring that you don't drop any of the product.
4. Evenly spread out the powder and put a few drops of rubbing alcohol/surgical spirit and make sure it is evenly spread, that it soaks into the powder and that the compact is not overflowing with the liquid.
5. Give it a bit of a mix with the butter knife and when you can't see any more loose powder smooth it out at the top to make it neat and smooth.
6. Cover your chosen object in the material and press down on the product to remove any excess rubbing alcohol/surgical spirit.
7. Place your compact, with the lid open, in your fridge for about 2-3 hours so all of the alcohol evaporates. You can also leave it in there overnight but really 2-3 hours is enough.
8. Enjoy your as good as brand new powder compact!

There is also a video below if you guys are interested. It's basically the same in video form

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The only ingredient needed
The only ingredient needed

How to fix your makeup video tutorial

A fixed blusher
A fixed blusher

After fixing your pressed powders...

  • The quality of the product will not be effected
  • The colour payoff will not be effected
  • The alcohol will not make a difference to your pressed powder apart from fixing it
  • You will have a product that will be as good as brand new
  • You will have saved the hassle and money of buying a new product!
  • You will be able to use your pressed powder as if it had never smashed
  • The amount of product will not reduce after the alcohol has evaporated
  • There will be no trace of alcohol left in the compact
  • The alcohol used to fix the product will not effect the application or quality of the product
  • If it breaks again you can use the same method to repair it again

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I hope you enjoyed my hub and it thought I would write about this subject because this has happened to me alot with MAC blushers and other expensive pressed powders and highlighters. This is a really effective technique which can save you a lot of money which you would ultimately use replacing your broken product. Anyways, please comment and follow me do that you can see my hubs and check out other relevant hubs by me. I have posted the links below :)

© 2014 Rukhsar


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