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Designer Coach Wallets for Men

Updated on March 14, 2011

Coach Billfold for Men

The Coach brand is most popular for its purses for women, but they do have products for men. Probably the most popular Coach product for men is going to be the wallets. These billfold for men can be found just about anywhere that Coach products are sold, but always check the price.

You will find that the Coach website and store will be priced higher than the outlet, and the Coach outlet will be priced more than most internet prices (especially eBay).

When looking to buy a Coach wallet for men, shop around to get the best prices, so that you can save money and get a great product. Just be careful of buying a fake, and be leery of sellers that offer several of the same product.

When buying a Coach wallet online, eBay is probably the best source of variety, and you'll find that there is a decent bit of variety in men's Coach wallets.

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Buy a Coach Billfold

Most people go to the Coach outlet to save some money and get the same great product, but another option is to buy Coach products online. You can find the same great price for a much better deal. Just keep in mind there are still going to be just as many options, if not more online than at the store. You'll want to go ahead and have a wallet in mind. Have the color, style, and price range already figured out, or you may find yourself a little swamped by the choices of Coach wallets for men.

When looking for a Coach wallet for a man, there are many different styles that you can choose from that vary from regular wallets, breast wallets, and money clips. You'll find that the wallets for men come in shades of brown or black, but there is seldom much in-between. (You won't find many men who want a bright blue or red wallet.)

The men's Coach wallets are fairly simple, but if you think about it, there's nothing too extravagant when it comes to a wallet for a man. All they need is a place for cash, ID, and credit cards, which can be designed in a few simple means.

You will find that the Coach men's wallets come in a variety ranging from leather to coated canvas. There are options of patterns ranging from the 'C' pattern engraved into the leather or other material, or you can find a solid print with the 'Coach' logo somewhere on the wallet. Which wallet you prefer all depends on what style you like the best.

The prices of men's wallet, if purchased from the official Coach website range from $48 to $198, but if you purchase a man's Coach wallet online at a site like eBay, you can find the same thing for so much cheaper, which means you'll be getting a deal and you'll have extra cash in your wallet after you've made your purchase.


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