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Creed Perfume

Updated on August 21, 2009

While many perfumes are quite affordable, some can be quite expensive. One example is the original Cartier fragrance called Must de Cartier perfume and another is Creed perfumes which the House of Creed manufactures. This company was founded in1760 in London and has been managed by six generations of the Creed family ever since. Creed perfume has been the choice of kings and queens across Europe for centuries and today is the perfume worn by celebrities and the very rich. Part of the reason that House of Creed perfume is so expensive is the name and part is because they use only the most expensive all natural ingredients. There are no synthetic components to Creed perfume for women or Creed perfume for men. Because it I expensive, Creed products are often considered perfume for the mature woman who can appreciate them.

Where to Buy Creed Perfume

So where can you get this very exclusive perfume product? You are not going to find discount Creed perfume alongside discount Versace perfume or the DKNY perfume Delicious Night and Happy perfume sale in your local department store. You are also not likely to run across Creed perfume samples in your favorite magazine. Creed perfume is only from the Creed boutique in Paris, online, or in high-end department stores in the United States like Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, or Neiman Marcus. There are also a few select Creed scents that you might find on a discontinued perfumes list. One example is Creed Vintage Tabarome. This fragrance smells of bergamot, tangerine, ginger, green tea, lemon, sandalwood, and Cuban tobacco. Because it is discontinued, you can only find it online from collectors and websites that specialize in discontinued perfumes. The cost can be as much as $315 per ounce.

Creed Spring Flower

While I personally have never purchased any Creed products, by reading Creed perfume review reports from many sources, I hope to be able to describe a few Creed fragrances.  The first I would like to talk about in Creed Spring Flower perfume.  Spring Flower perfume was originally created for Audrey Hepburn.  She used this as her personal fragrance until her death and it was released to the public in 1996, three years later.  Overall, it is a light, refreshing floral scent appropriate for wearing almost anytime.  It sounds a bit like a Moschino perfume I love called Oh! De Moschino.  It opens with a fruity note that is a combination of peach, apricot, melon, and apple and fades to a heart of jasmine and rose.  The fragrance finishes with a musky base.  You can purchase Creed Spring Flower for anywhere from $60 to $85 per ounce.

Creed Love in White

The next scent I would like to discuss is the Creed perfume Love in White.  This eveningwear scent has been made popular because it is widely known that this is a favorite of Angelina Jolie and recently is has been reported that Michelle Obama enjoys this fragrance.  Released in 2006, this perfume was inspired by the awakening of spring and is described as fresh, floral, woody, and musky.  The beginning of the scent is a combination of magnolia blossoms and orange zest.  The heart of the fragrance is white hyacinth and white narcissus, which is where it probably gets its name.  Finally, the fragrance finishes with vanilla and Tonka beans.  Creed Love in White is pretty expensive at $65 to $95 per ounce.

Creed Love in Black

The Creed perfume Love in Black is one of the newer fragrances from Creed and was released on 2008.  Creed tells us that this scent was meant to honor Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and takes inspiration from the many places she lived and traveled.  For example, her travels to Italy inspired the addition of violet to the top note and her living in Virginia contributed cedar.  The top note is rounded out with the scents of night blooming flowers.  The heart note of Love in Black perfume is iris, clove, and musk.  The Creed fragrance finishes with rose and black currant.  Black currant must be a popular scent lately because another 2008 perfume, the Vera Wang perfume Bouquet, uses black currant in the base as well.  Creed Love in Black can be purchased for $80 to $105 per ounce.


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