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Moschino Perfume

Updated on February 25, 2011

Franco Moschino started at Italian fashion house in 1983. He is well known for being a little eccentric. Moschino used to hand out tomatoes to his audiences so they could throw them at the models if they disapproved of his designs. He is definitely one of a kind. Moschino perfume has been a staple is the world of fragrances since 1987 when he released Moschino perfume for women. This very well known fragrance was followed closely by Moschino perfume for men. A Moschino perfume review for these early scents can be hard to find since they are so old. However, since the original Moschino perfumes, there have been more than two decades of new scents. These many Moschino fragrances are widely varied in style but in general you can say Moschino designs perfume for ladies that is fun and whimsical. This page will try to detail some of the better known Moschino fragrances.

The Moschino perfume Cheap and Chic was introduced in 1995 and is a refreshing, flowery scent for daytime wear. Selling for around $21 - $38 an ounce, it is an affordable perfume. Olive Oyl from the Popeye cartoons inspired both the combination of scents and the packaging. Perfume packaging can often influence how you feel about a scent. For example, Cartier perfume bottles are very elegant and unique as are their fragrances and DKNY perfumes are packaged in those bottle that look like apples. Cheap and Chic perfume starts with the odors of grain and bergamot and finishes with scents of orchid, sandalwood, and vanilla. Moschino Cheap and Chic body lotion has been discontinued, but you might be able to find a bottle on a website that specializes in discontinued perfumes from Avon and others.

Another popular Moschino fragrance is I Love Love. The Moschino I Love Love perfume was released in 2004. This perfume has a bright and sparkly scent and is a great perfume for younger women. It begins with citrus and red fruit smells and fades to a core of lily, rose, and cinnamon. The Moschino I Love Love perfume finishes with scents of Tanaka wood, musk, and cedar. This combination of scents is remaniscent of Clinique Happy perfume.  You can buy the Moschino perfume I Love Love for approximately $26 - $40 an ounce.

The names of Moschino’s perfumes often reflect his sense of humor and whimsical nature. For example, in 2007 the fashion introduced the Moschino perfume Funny. Funny is a floral, fruity perfume marketed for young girls. The perfume starts with pink pepper, red currant, and Seville orange and soon fades to the heart which is a combination of jasmine, peony, violet, and green tea. The fun perfume ends with the combination of amber, cedar, and musk. The perfume sells for around $30 - $48 an ounce.  If you enjoy Bright Crystal Versace perfume or Vera Wang perfume for women like Flower Princess, you might like Moschino Funny.

A more recent fragrance released by Moschino is Glamour. The Moschino perfume Glamour is a perfume created from fruit juices and flower petals. The top note has hints of tangerine, Artemisia, and sea salts. The middle of the perfume is full of hibiscus, orchid, and lotus flowers. The base has hints of amber, cedar, and white musk. Moschino Glamour was introduced in 2008 and sells for about $18 - $36 an ounce.

Some other Moschino perfumes include Moschino Couture, Moschino Hapy Fiz and Oh! de Moschino. This last perfume is similar to Creed Sping Flower perfume because of the fruity top note including peaches and apricots.  Popular men's fragrances from Moschino include Moschino Friends and Uomo Moschino.

Below you will find an amusing video that helped inspire Moschino Cheap and Chic.


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