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Vera Wang Perfume

Updated on August 21, 2009

Vera Wang is a fashion designer best known for her wedding gowns, but she has also entered into the world of fragrance and Vera Wang perfume is among the favorites of young women today. Vera Wang perfumes are marketed to younger women and to women who are getting married. The line of Vera Wang perfume for women is a group of the best ladies perfume that is appropriate for your wedding day. If you want to buy Vera Wang perfume then you might even be able to get a Vera Wang perfume sample at any bridal shop that sells her gowns. Of course, purchasing fragrances from a bridal ship would be very expensive. There are plenty of places to buy discount Vera Wang perfume online like sites that specialize in discontinued perfumes for sale. Department stores are another great place to look for your favorite fragrance. A bonus to buying here is that you can often get a Vera Wang perfume gift set that includes body lotions and other products.

Vera Wang Princess

Vera Wang started her own fashion house in 1990 and introduced her first scent in 2002. Since then she has introduced a long line of perfumes and colognes appropriate for young women. Perhaps one of her most famous scents is Vera Wang Princess perfume. The Vera Wang perfume Princess is an extra fruity fragrance with hints of apple, mandarin oranges, and apricot. I read in a Vera Wang perfume review that Princess is almost sickeningly sweet and only appropriate for girls under the age of twelve. Princess perfume costs anywhere from $39 - $60 an ounce. If you are interested in a flowery scent that is not overpowering then you might want to try a Gianni Versace perfume. Or if the sweetness is exactly oposite of your tastes then you should try something like the Cartier perfume Dragon. Vera Wang has introduced several variations on Princess over the years. Flower Princess introduced as a limited edition in the United States in April of 2008 is one. Some of the sweet, fruity smell of Princess is replaced with a more floral scent that centers on the rose and orange blossoms. Flower Princess can be purchased for approximately $38 - $48 an ounce. Other examples of expanding on a theme in perfumes is with the DKNY perfume line of apple scents or the line of Clinique Happy perfumes.

The Newest Scent from Vera Wang

The most recent Princess variation is Rock Princess which was just introduced in April of 2009. This perfume is much edgier than its Princess predecessors. It starts with the essence of white peach, red raspberry, and bergamot. The heart of the fragrance is heliotrope, rose, jasmine, and lily and it finishes with cashmere woods, musk, iris, and coconut. Overall the scent is described as a dark fruity floral. You can find this new perfume for about $45 an ounce. If you like the Moschino perfume I Love Love then you will probably like Rock Princess.

Vera Wang Truly Pink

The Vera Wang perfume Truly Pink was brought to market in 2006.  A single rose inspires the entire perfume, according to Vera Wang.  The top of the scent is bright citrus and sweet fruits with a heart that smells like a pink rose.  The finish is a nice iris smell.  This rather simple fragrance sells for approximately $32 - $48 an ounce and is meant for daytime wear.

Vera Wang Bouquet

It makes sense that a wedding gown designer should find inspiration in a bouquet of flowers, so the Vera Wang perfume Bouquet introduced in 2008 was a great fit for her fashion house. This scent has been described as romantic and feminine. It opens with a blend of citrus fragrances and has a floral lavender center. Hints of dewdrops, bergamot, and black current are present. Black currant was a popular scent to use in 2008. Even the Creed perfume Love in Black used black currant as part of its base.  Bouquet is available for about $28 - $42.


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