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Ladies Perfume

Updated on August 21, 2009

Choosing a new ladies perfume is extremely important and almost spiritual for a woman. A woman will typically find one scent that complements their own body chemistry and smell perfectly and then they stick with it for life. The lady perfume becomes almost an extension of the woman's scent. Other women find different scents for different seasons that they like, but still stick with the same 2-3 scents.  My new favorite fragrance for summer is Versace perfume Versense.  So, when you find the perfect ladies perfume you want to make sure you do everything you can to ensure your purchase is worth it.

Finding the best ladies perfume for you can be a daunting task when you first walk into a department store and are faced with an virtual army of sales people wanting to spray you with various scents and counter after counter of displays. Perfume for ladies is a competitive business and many ladies perfume brands offer ladies perfume gift sets to entice you to buy. Make sure that you do not let the inclusion of various cosmetics influence your choice for the perfect scent.

But you can choose the right perfume for you if you follow a few simple pieces of advice. First of all, you want to narrow your search right off the bat by thinking about what kind of smells you like. Do you want something flowery, oriental, or citrus? These are the three main categories of perfumes. Flowery scents might not be the perfect perfume for the mature woman. In fact, a Vera Wang perfume that is very flowery is marketed towards young women and teenagers. Mature women might enjoy the oriental scents and if so Cartier perfume for women is a good choice. Other fragrances like DKNY Be Delicious perfume and Happy Heart perfume from Clinique are meant for any age group. If you pick one of these categories then a sales person can point you toward brands that fall into that category. Another tactic is to use a ladies perfume list that you find on the internet or in a magazine. You can also find ladies perfume reviews in magazines or beauty publications. Ladies perfumes are advertised well and it is easy to find information on them.

How Exactly Do I Choose the Right Perfume?

Once you have a few selections to choose from you will need to test each scent on your body. Even if you like the smell of a fragrance in the bottle, it could have a completely different aroma when mixed with your body chemistry. You should apply a small amount to your wrists, neck, or behind the ears as these are the places that will heat up faster and react with the scent the most. You need to test one scent at a time and leave it on for a few hours before you make a decision about how it smells. You will find that cheap perfumes will wear off more quickly and make it harder for you to decide. The more expensive perfumes will last longer. Keep going back to the store often to test different scents. Make sure that you arrive with no perfume on so that your test is not compromised.

Once you have chosen a scent that works well with your body chemistry then you need to start thinking about taking care of it. Perfume is sometimes very expensive and is a large investment. With that in mind, it is important to do everything you can to ensure that the perfume will last as long as possible. There are several things that can negatively effect perfume such as sunlight, oxygen, and high temperatures. There are a few things that you can do minimize these effects.

First of all, perfume is a flammable substance so it should never be exposed to extremely high temperatures or stored near open flames like candles. In addition to the possibility of an explosion, you want to keep perfume away from high temperatures because certain ingredients and additives in the perfume will break down and ruin the scent.

Secondly, you do not want to expose your favorite perfume to large amounts of sunlight. Sunlight can discolor the perfume and change the scent. Keeping sunlight out can be a problem because many perfumes are sold in ornate glass containers to make them more appealing to the purchaser. While these containers are pretty, they could be bad for the fragrance. If your perfume is in a glass bottle then make sure you store it away from direct sunlight coming in through your bathroom windows if possible. If sunlight is not avoidable then you should look for perfumes that are packaged in aluminum containers or any or any other container that does not let sunlight filter through. Transferring your perfume to a decorative atomizer should be avoided. It can be tempting to transfer a very expensive perfume into one of these fancy bottles, but you could ruin a $100 per ounce Creed perfume this way.

Oxygen is in the air, but it can be extremely harmful to your fragrances. When you first buy a bottle of perfume it is sealed air tight. When that seal is broken during your first use oxygen begins to make its way into the container. With every use, more and more oxygen fills the air space above the perfume. The oxygen chemically reacts with ingredients in the scent and will change it over time. One way to avoid this problem is to buy perfume in an aerosol container. The aerosol container prevents this problem from occurring.

Once you choose a fragrance that you like it can be hard to give it up, but you should keep in mind that our body chemistry can change as we age and it might be necessary to look for new scents at different stages in our lives. Also, the trendy floury scent that we liked in our youth might not be appropriate for an older more mature woman. Keep in mind that you can not always count on one brand to work for you. For example, one Moschino perfume is a very mature scent and another mightbe a sparkly scent for young women or girls. In addition, the list of discontinued perfumes is getting longer with each year. You might find that your favorite scent has been discontinued at any time. Whatever brand you decide upon and whenever you make the decision, remember that a woman's fragrance can be a formidable weapon in her arsenal. Use your perfume to your advantage.


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    • profile image

      CC 5 years ago

      Hello Mary try

      they have Chopard's Casmir Pure Parfum.

    • profile image

      Heather Current 6 years ago

      I am looking for Moschino by Moschino. I can't find it anywhere. I love this perfume! Please help if you know where to find it, or if it is discontinued.

    • profile image

      black barry 6 years ago



    • profile image

      Mary 6 years ago

      I am looking for Chopard's Casmir Pure Parfum. Evidently it has been discontinued, but am hoping there are a couple of bottles out there somewhere. Can anyone help?

      Thanks in advance~

    • profile image

      Diane Stierle 7 years ago

      Enjoli by Revlon has been "my" signature-scent for more than 25 years - I wear it well. BUT, Revlon just discontinued it. What to do...what to age 64, I do not want to start searching...any help?

      Diane Stierle

      Milford, PA

    • profile image

      Cendy  7 years ago

      very wonderful message and am so impress about your research and information concerning perfume all i can say for now is to keep it up for we those people who does not know how to handle our perfume or knowing how to choose from the right perfume we are so grateful. thank you

    • profile image

      Mom 8 years ago

      I find that at age 70, I can no longer wear my favorite Chanel #5. The last time I applied it, my daughter said it smelled very bad, like bug spray!!!I took it back to Macy's and they checked and said it was a completely fresh bottle. They offered me a new bottle but I declined, I tried out one of their samples, which they said was fresh. Same result. Now, my sense of smell has vanished about 50 percent since a stroke. I have had to rely on other people's noses to help me find a new fragrance. so far, no luck. Maybe I will find a new scent to wear one day. My fvorite when I was young was Arpege.I guess that is considered a flowery scent. Maybe now, 50 years later, I could not wear it. Chemistry strikes again!!! Great site, this. Thank you.


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