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How to Avoid the Curse of the Fake Designer Silk Scarf

Updated on August 25, 2015

Today’s marketplace is absolutely saturated with phony designer products. They fit in almost every category and appeal to every taste. Some masquerade as the real thing; other sellers have some moral scruples and sell them as copies. If the latter is the case, you have at least a chance at deciding whether you are spending too much for a fake.

There is a large market for designer wear. Unprincipled companies around the world in knock out and off large amounts of bogus designer garments and footwear annually. While some women manage to elude this money-grab, others become caught up paying too much for imitation designer accessories.  Belts, purses and even scarves are part of a large lucrative, counterfeit designer market. While the United States is a target market, it is not the only one. In many foreign resorts, the little shops and boutiques are stocked full with these faux designer objects. In fact, it is often the case the fakes outnumber the originals.

It may seem impossible to think we can actually do something to stop the curse of fake designer goods. Yet, there is a way to avoid the entire mangled mess. Purchase only what you know are reliable, reputable sources. This will eliminate the risk of paying absorbent sums for something that is a cheat.

Designer and brand name scarves are constantly at risk of counterfeiting. The manufacturing process relies on machine-printed patterns.This facilitates the producers of sham merchandise. They merely obtain one original, duplicate it and replicate multiple fakes. This is not possible with hand painted silk scarves. These individual spectacular accessories are produced in an entirely different fashion. Artists create an inimitable design employing longstanding techniques. These even the original artist would find nearly impossible to replicate – makes it extremely difficult for a con artist to duplicate the design, let alone the quality of the product. The purchaser of such artistic accessories are paying a fair price for a distinctive, wearable work of art.

While, arguably, authentic designer silk scarves are not copies, they do bear a resemblance to the fake counterpart. You are paying more for the name than the actual product. The manufacturers reproduce thousands in the same pattern or color. You see these same products on several women a day, each believing they are wearing something truly unique. The only way to avoid this and still wear a fabulous silk scarf is to opt for what can only be termed the “real deal.” Avoid designer scarves and knock-off.  Instead, purchase a 100% silk scarf, hand-dyed and hand-painted from a reliable source.

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by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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