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Cartoon Tattoos

Updated on July 9, 2014

Zoo Animal Tattoos

Tattoos of Cartoon Characters

There are probably few of us which don't occasionally remember the cartoon stories and characters of our childhood, and in moments of nostalgia take a peak at the cartoons, which for the most part are still running on television.

Depending on the time you grew up, who can forget characters like Pepé Le Pew, Elmer Fudd, Taz, Bart Simpson, Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, among numerous others.

Of course anything that is important to a person will want to be remembered, and they'll also want to make a statement, which is something a tattoo is ideal for.

So here a sampling of some of the more popular cartoon characters people have chosen to have tattooed on them. Most, with the exception of Bart Simpson, have been around for many decades.

Pepé Le Pew Tattoo

Who doesn't remember the rascal Pepé Le Pew, the skunk with a French accent always trying to woo the ladies. The first cartoon tattoo captures accurately that hilarious skunk who seemed to fall in love every five minutes.

Elmer Fudd Tattoo

Elmer Fudd was the ultimate buffoon of his day, as he always tried to kill the wabbit, but was always thwarted and ended up with it backfiring on him. He never seemed to learn from his mistakes, which was a part of the fun.

Wiley E Coyote and the Road Runner

Another version of Elmer Fudd was Wiley E Coyote, who always attempted to catch the Road Runner through numerous, devious means, but they also always backfired on him, resulting in Wiley getting the worst end of the deal.

One thing about the tattoo below, is I have never seen the Road Runner get captured, so this must have been someone feeling Wiley's pain, not wanting him to be perpetually frustrated.

I remember this particular character, but can't remember his name. He was a bit player, and a funny one at that. Maybe someone could leave his name in the comments below. As for the tattoo, I really like how he was so accurately captured. The look says it all.

Taz Cartoon

The unforgettable Tasmanian Devil, or as he was affectionately nicknamed - Taz, was also a delight to watch as he traveled in the whirlwind. This is permanently reminded with the ink below. Love the overall design of the tattoo. Brings backs fond memories.

Wolverine Tattoo

Wolverine, from the X-Men, has always been a very popular character, and has been around for some time now. With the movies has become even more popular. I like this particular look from the past, with those high boots and elongated ears.

Bart Simpson Tattoo

Bart Simpson has developed somewhat of a cult following, and is something of an anti-hero to those who have enjoyed his character, as well as the overall Simpson phenomenon.

The tattoo of Bart riding on the skateboard is great, and I really like the way he appears to be moving on it, as if it were animated.

Bart Simpson Tattoo

Yosemite Sam Tattoo

Finally we have the irascible Yosemite Sam. What an unforgettable character he was in the day. The voice actor and the image of Yosemite really worked together well.

The tattoo really shows the caricature of who he was, and that trailing smoke exiting the guns is a great addition to the overall image, making you feel he had just finished one of his endless battles.

It sure brings back a lot of memories looking at these cartoon characters. Most of them have become permanently etched in our memories, and seeing them as tattoos adds another element to what was an important part of our childhood.


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