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Masquerade Masks

Updated on June 6, 2013

Masquerade balls go back for hundreds of years. They were popular in Italy and other European countries as far back as the sixteenth century. These balls were mostly held by the upper classes, the noblemen and rich merchants. During these masquerade balls, the attendants wore masquerade masks so the other party goers couldn’t identify who they were. This made the balls exciting events, and many games were played in which the party goers tried to decide who was behind each mask. Of course, as in many stories and movies about masquerade balls, the wearing of masquerade masks sometimes led to some wild evenings. Not knowing who you were dancing or talking with, or sometimes even kissing, was a pretty exciting thing!

These days, people still love masquerade masks and going to costume parties and balls. The festival of Mardi Gras in New Orleans is like one big outdoor masquerade ball, with thousands of people in costume and masks taking to the street and living it up. People spend a lot of time choosing or making masks for these special occasions. They want their mask, like their costume, to stand as a mark of originality. What’s more, just like in the sixteenth century, it’s fun to dress up and be someone else, if only for one evening.

Masquerade masks come in many different styles.
Masquerade masks come in many different styles.

Where to Buy Masquerade Masks

If you have a masquerade ball coming up, then you will be especially interested in finding a great mask to wear to it. There are many places that offer masquerade masks, from the most simple in design to the most opulent and elaborate. There are masquerade masks for any budget or party goer out there.

For masquerade masks at a reasonable cost, head to the House of Masquerades with its online shop. Here you will find masks that can be bought one at a time for balls, weddings, Mardi Gras, or costume parties or that can be bought in large quantities. At House of Masquerades you can purchase hand crafted masquerade masks like the Antonio or Angelina masks for around twenty or thirty dollars. You’ll look great in these masks decorated with feathers, sequins, and beads. At the other end of the spectrum are the economy masks for under five dollars. Some folks like to buy inexpensive masquerade masks for all of the guests that attend their parties, and the economy masks are ideally suited for that purpose.

Of course, when buying masquerade masks you can also head to the higher end of things and buy fine handmade masks that will really set you apart. For a great place to buy handmade masquerade masks imported from Italy, browse the selection at Masques Italia. Some of these masks are absolutely gorgeous, not to mention opulent and precious. The Bijan Collection, for example, offers the David Mask, which is modeled on the image of Michelangelo’s David. This masquerade mask is made from either a combination of gold and silver leaf or all gold leaf. These are masquerade masks at their most elegant!

Making Your Own Masquerade Masks

Some folks are natural do it yourself types. When they have a masquerade ball or costume party to go to, they like to make their own costumes. Along with this, of course, is the opportunity to make your own masquerade masks. This is a fun project that will really show off your creative skills. Kids will love making their own masquerade masks too.

Making your own masks is not that difficult to do. Many craft stores such as Michael’s Crafts sell white paper masks that you can use as a base for your masquerade masks. Many people like to buy a package of these white masks and then a whole range of accessories that can be used as decorations. Beads of different shapes and colors, sequins, glitter, buttons, feathers, and papers of various patterns and colors can all be purchased inexpensively as decorations for your home made masquerade masks. All you need to do then is get a bottle a glue, spread out on the dining room table, and get to designing your very own special mask.

Whether you are a do it yourself person or one who desires something truly opulent and fancy, masquerade masks are a lot of fun. Slip into your masquerade mask and have yourself a ball!


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