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Joker Tattoos

Updated on July 7, 2014

Tattoos of the Joker villain from the Batman movies, will inevitably be thought of largely as the Joker played by Heath Ledger because of his untimely death.

And that is the case in general, although the Joker played by Jack Nicholson got some attention as well, when he played the character years ago.

For comic book fans of Batman, they know how different Joker has looked through the years, but only the diehards would be able to pick the look out or understand that it was even the Joker character played in the Batman movies.

Even so, some of them did end up getting inked on some people, but I thought we would just keep the Joker tattoos with the most recent looks used in the Batman movies most of us would be able to recognize.

Whether you prefer Nicholson or Ledger, both of them are well done and look good. That is, if you like that as a tattoo theme on your body.  

This first Joker tattoo, while obviously the character played by Heath Ledger, doesn't quite capture the look at far as resemblance (although it's not far off), but it is definitely a really well done tattoo.

The detail is solid and adding that red on the mouth while keeping the rest of the color darker is a nice contrast.

Joker Tattoo on Back

One thing very different with these Joker tattoos that is different than my usual tattoo tastes, are that most of them included color, like the one below, but in this case they really work. Most of the time I find tattoos with a lot of color aren't that attractive, neither do they convey on skin what the artist and recipient hoped for.

But this is one of the very few exceptions I've found. It's not just that one works, but that almost everyone of them with color works. That may not be that big of a deal to most of you, but to me it's extraordinary.

"Why so serious?" Joker Tattoo

I thought this particular Joker tattoo, as far as the one played by Heath Ledger, was among the best in capturing the actual image of the character in the film. It looks just like him to me.

Holding up the card is a nice touch. Don't think that wouldn't be hard to do on the skin. It is.

Sometimes some of these can be done so well that we forget they're more than just an image.

Joker Holding Card Tattoo

What was good about this Joker tattoo below was how it seemed to capture the essence of the pure evil he had become. Even the hair adds to the feel you're looking at evil, as it relates to interacting with the eyes.

Evil Joker Tattoo from Batman

Okay. I couldn't help it. I had to include this one picture of a Joker tattoo that didn't include Ledger and Nicholoson. This one is just as evil looking though if that's what you're looking for, and leaves no doubt as to who he is.

Unique Joker

Here's our first look at the Joker as played by Jack Nicholson. We sometimes forget he did a good job with him, and his face, while very different from the Joker played by Ledger, did have that sense of evil on it, specifically from the evil that had been done to him when he was younger (the Joker).

Jack Nicholson Joker Tattoo

This was a unique Joker tattoo among the bunch, as it has the dark lines I prefer, and it was a great piece of art showing Jack Nicholson in his evil role. Captures it nicely.

Dark Joker Tattoo

Talk about a creepy tattoo. Someone putting this on their back would have a lot more guts, or maybe less sense, than I do. It is a fascinating image, but a little over the top for me. Again the eyes of a tortured soul that seems to have lost his, emanate from the image. It's powerful and awful at the same time.

Joker Full Back Tattoo

So there are what a lot of people will probably consider some of the more disturbing tattoos they've seen. It does make you wonder what it is someone is thinking when they decide to have any of these inked on. That's not a judgement, more of a curiosity.

Whatever the reason, they do leave a powerful and lasting impression that delves deeply into the human soul and what it is that drives someone like the Joker to become who and what they are.


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